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Hand Tremors

I have been on 20mg of Cipralex for over a year-no problems
My doctor has gradually put me on Lithium 150mg x 4 capsules per day
Since Ive been on the 600mg of Lithium my hands shake, sometimes so bad I cannot write of apply eye make-up
I went to the doctor he has taken me off the Cipralex...Im not sure why if I havent had problems with it.
Does Cipralex affect Lithium??

I JUST want to feel better!!!

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  Yes from what I can read the potential of an interaction was  noted and that doctors prescribing the two medications together should monitor these concerns. You could discuss the specifics with your psychiatrist who of course would have a full understanding of this concern. However it should be noted that many medications can interact with lithium by raising or lowering the blood level of lithium. When the blood level of lithium is higher the potential for hand tremors increases. You could discuss all this with your psychiatrist but it will take some time for the Ciraplex to be out of your system so it should take some time for any potential improvement to occur but keep your psychiatrist updated as to how things are going.
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I have used lithium for 6 years. At first I didn't have side effects but the bipolar wasn't under control either. For the last 18 months the side effects became worse and worse. In the end I couldn't hold anything in my hand because of tremor, I was dizzy and off balance most of the time, couldn't concentrate, memory non existing, had problems at work, had irrational fears, couldn't drive my car (it has dents on every side!), couldn't climb stairs. My depression got worse as a result of this symptoms, my selfimage completely disappeared. At last I became suicidal and was hospitalised. Instead of lithium I am now on sodium valproate, lamictal, venlor in stead of prozac. I'm slowly recovering. The side effects were worse than the bipolar itself!
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