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**Happpy Dance**

For thee last 9 months they have been taking me off different meds. I have been seizure free for a year! They have taken me off of Depakote (used to take 250 mg x 9 a day)..and Lamictal (used to take 100 mg x 5 a day). The difference is AMAZING. I have a memory now! Happier, eatting a lot less! I've lost 60 lbs since Sept.
The great fact is I am beginning to FEEL emotions again. It has been 8 LONG years since I began the med rollercoaster.
I am shaking tremendously less.
Heck. at this rate there is H O P E....dare I jinx it?
I still take Abilify & Lamictal with a side order of Buspar as needed...
I guess I want to say to everyone...God Bless & I believe in me, you & Happiness!
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It is always such a great pleasure when one of our community is doing so well!!  I hope that your post gives others a boost.

We have to take the good with the bad but it's great to be able to shout to the roof tops when it's good :-)

I'm really happy for you.

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So sorry, I messed up the meds post..
I USED to take the Depakote doses, & I wrote Lamictal, BUT I took DYLANTIN, not the other. I still take Lamictal too though...
So, I still take Lamictal 250 mg x 2, no Depakote & no Dylantin...
confusing eh? *L*
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Wow! How wonderful is that? Now you have to celebrate! Glad to hear your back on your feet!
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