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Help - Out of touch with Reality

Recently I've been feeling out of touch with reality.  It's kind of hard to explain.  Everything around me just feels surreal and I don't feel connected to my body.  I feel like I don't know who am, how I should act or what I stand for.  I have this overwhelming feeling that something bad is going to happen but I can't define what that bad thing is.  My chest is tight and I'm unfocussed.  I frequently feel like this when I'm having conflict as I always second-guess my decisions and myself. Is this part of BPII or is my insecurity causing me to feel crazy and out of touch?  

I was doing really well on 200 mg of Lamictal but now I’m not sure that the drugs were helping after all.  Right before this episode my self-care had started to deteriorate and I was no longer exercising, meditating, journaling and eating well and I’m wondering if that’s the cause.  I’m scared to go to my Pdoc because I’m afraid that he’s going to either increase or put me on stronger meds.  Any thoughts?  Has anyone else experienced this?
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Tell me what is on your mind at the moment?  This sounds like normal everyday stress is contributing to your bipolar!  I am currently going through the same at the moment and lucky for me I have caught this early in my cycle.  I know that I have a lot of stress at the moment and slowly everything seemed to be going out of whack.  I feel that you may just need to talk about what has been happening for the past week or so and put it into context of how this is impacting you and your bipolar condition.  
I believe, you will be ok and it sounds like you just need to trust yourself and your signs and let the pdoc help you.  
I nearly lost it big time Friday just gone and knew I had to go to the hospital to get help.  I knew I did not need to stay in hospital because I have to keep going and be strong for my family and so on.  
If you like I am happy for you to just let out all your stresses over the past whatever time and I will just be an ear.  Promise me though that you will listen to your everyday life stresses and see it for what it really is because this is a massive contribution to bipolar condition and if you are not careful and intune with this condition it will and can take over.  

Please help yourself to be on track to a healthy and fulfilling (what you deserve) life.

BP13 xxx
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I'm sorry to hear you are going through a rough time. Have you told your pdoc about what's going on?  It's really important that you keep your doctor in the loop, you have to think that you and your doctor are your self-care team.

The Lamictil wouldn't I"m pretty sure won't make you feel this way, it's to help you with depression. I just went in to see my pdoc on Wedneday , because my depression was coming back full force even at 250mgs of Lamictil, I was pretty frustrated because I thought that med would fully help. I'm also on 100mgsXR day time and 300mgsXR, and at that level it's supposed to keep my depression at bay.  I was just put on Wellbutrin and am hoping between the two of them, I can keep my depression at bay, though like you I'm fed up with med and dosage changes.

BP is so frustrating, you think you've got your symptoms under control but then something else hits you. I would , and this is just my opinion,  be on more meds to control whatever symptom is going on, then suffering with more crud this disorder throws our way.

Like Lagetta mentioned, doing self-care alongside the meds is so important. When things get more stressful, go back to your basic care, I've have set up firm boundaries of how much stress from others I'm willing to put up with. You come first. Finding ways to deal with your anxiety is really important, you can find positive coping mechanisms. You can become in tune with yourself so when some of those little red flags come up, you can get into self-care mode.  I go for walks, play with my dogs more, read more and basically pamper myself with things I know will make me feel good. (like a manicure, having hot bubble baths) Once you do this often enough, it will be second nature for you.

You can get through this,  anxiety can be debilitating, but you can control it.  You will feel better when you are self-aware and aggressive with your own wellness.
Hang in there,
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