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Does anyone know how someone who's extremely broke and without insurance could get affordable help. I feel like I'm coming out if my mind
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What kind of help are you looking for and what area do you live in?
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I'm in the Houston Tx area. I'm having episodes off rage, burst of energy that immediately folliw depression/irritability. I'm a recovering addict with a mental illness who can't afford help. I sobered myself up but life is very hard to manage, even after 7 yrs. I've taken anxiety/depression meds, usually makes it worse. I hate taking things anyhoo being an addict. Everyone tells me it's most likely necessary. My kids are now seeing my episodes which is what's opening my eyes to seek help
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Help for what? Depression, anxiety, substance abuse? There are lots of public health clinics that go off of income and if you have no income you pay nothing at all, and if its substance abuse treatment the same thing. You have to research it, but you will find a lot of low income gov funded clinics and even rehabs.
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It's a combination of depression, anxiety, and rage. I'm an always recovering addict on top of it. I had told myself for 7 yrs I was sober but in all honesty i just replaced my drugs with legal meds.   I'm now a month clean of everything which makes my depression, anxiety, n rage seem to intensify. Thanks for the suggestions. I actually started researching the very same earlier
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If you contact the Texas Department of Health and Human Resources, the United Way of Greater Houston or just dial 211 on your phone, there should be someone to assist you.
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