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I'm sorry I've been out of touch for so  long. I've been slipping deeper and deeper into depression. I been on every drug I can think of but nothing seemed to help. I was ready to give up and wanted nothing more than to die. I finally was honest with my doctor. He suggested that I go into the hospital and consider ECT treatments. They have helped me. I had no memory loss. If anything my memories of the past have improved. You ate totally sedated and feel nothing. I'd never recommend it to others I'm just saying I have more relief than I've had in twenty years. I've missed you all and hope to hear from you soon
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I am certainly glad you found your treatment that helped you. I was thinking maybe it was the other drugs as a whole that could have made you more depressed. But thank God you found the right treatment. Be Well and Happy Troii
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Glad to hear you are doing better and have found something that has finally helped you. Its good you could be honest with your doctor i bet that helped a lot too.

Best Wishes
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I also have ECT treatments. Right now I am on maintenance so I have a treatment every 4 weeks. I have minimal memory loss and usually can recall it when someone mentions the event/thing.
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I was really wondering what happened as follow up. When you go back do you just have to have one treatment? I had my 5 th treatment today. Wednesday should be my 6th seeing my dr on Monday. I think my memory problem has been associated with depression because it has actually improved. Thank you for sharing with me that you had ECT. When you hear from someone who has been through it helps with the fear. Love Gail
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What is ect
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ECT is short for Electroconvulsive Therapy

It is a treatment for some mental disorders.
for more info there is a link below


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ECT is a controversial treatment.

I've never had it myself - like you though I've been on various meds and still am.

It's good that you haven't had any bad effects from it. Some people do lose large chunks of their memory from having it though.

A recent study by clinical psychologists John Read (University of Auckland - NZ) and Richard Bentall (University of Liverpool - UK) reviewed all the literature that had been done on ECT research over the last 60 years.

They found only very minimal evidence for improvement during the treatment period and no evidence for improvement afterward. It also found no evidence that it prevents suicide.

They also summarized that there was strong evidence” for “persistent and, for some, permanent brain dysfunction.” They concluded that “the cost-benefit analysis for ECT is so poor that its use cannot be scientifically justified.”

However, they did mention in the study that a small minority gain short term benefits.

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I realize this is controversial. However you are using info gattered over the 60 years, which is outdated in that today's procedure is nothing like the past. My mother in law had the procedure in the 60s and today's treatment is very different and does not have the same side affects. Seeing what it did to my mother In law I had never considered the treatment.
But today's treatment uses a MUCH lower voltage. No one receives the same amount. The brain waives are monitored and no one receives more than is needed. You are under aniestia and there is no pain involved. I can swear to the fact that it does help suicidal tendencies the fact that I am alive today proves it. The statics are that only 20% of meds are affective and from personnel experience I believe it. However ECT has a recovery rate of 70%. I did not go into this with blind eyes and I recommend it for no one. I simply can share my experience. I spent a week in the hospital making sure I was physically able to undergo treatment. While there I was able to observe other patients having ECT. All I saw improved. After 20 yrs of wasted life and probably millions of dollars in drugs this is the first relief I have found. The world is a new exciting place for me. I would recommend that one be sure that their dr is familiar with this new and kinder treatment but if I had known then what I know now I could have saved myself yrs of misery. I have had no side affects, no memory loss, no regrets. As I said I am not recommending this for anyone I am simply saying it has been a miricle for me and I would suggest that those as depressed  as I was simply look into it. And into a more timely study than one going back 60 yrs. it is based on the premise that the neurons in the brain or not firing correctly in the brain of a depressed person. This very very low voltage can reset the firing of those neurons. If you are suffering and hopeless investigate, talk with your dr. Then decide for yourself. I'd never recommend anyone doing it because it worked for me, however it is a place to consider when nothing else works
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Sounds a little scary. I can't take my meds right now cause i found out I'm pregnant, but not doing ok. Last night and today have been really bad. My Dr wants to try and get through this with out med s if i can. I don't know what I'm going to do. And I'm guessing that would not be safe for the baby?
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I don't have any idea I wouldn't think it would be good but it couldn't hurt to discuss it with your dr. Maybe discuss it with obgym too. I certainly wouldn't take any chances
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ECT is the safest of all psychiatric treatments during pregnancy according to what I've seen. It is because it uses less medication than daily drugs. It is just the IV and enough medication to put you to sleep for a few minutes. Of course do the research yourself, but this is what I found recommended most in books and on websites.

I am really happy ECT is working for you.

Sometimes in research of this type you find what you are looking for. These authors do not believe that psychiatric diagnosis are biological in nature. They believe it is a psycho-social phenomena. If you go into research with this bias - you can skew the information to fit your needs pretty easily. Especially when reinterpreting loose reporting data such as reporting of symptoms. I am always skeptical of analysis of many different studies being combined into one because you are often comparing apples and oranges. And you can pick which studies to include in your mega analysis which can bias the outcome. The ECT of the 1960's is not the ECT of today. That would be like comparing the risks of xrays from the 1960 to the risks of digital xrays now. Digital xrays have dramatically decreased the amount of radiation and thus the associated risks. They both still use the same technology for the same purpose but calling them the 'same' is ridiculous. Calling 1960's ECT and 2011 ECT the same thing is equally ridiculous.

Now what would convince me is a longitudinal study from a respected university teaching hospital that followed standard treatment protocal. But psychiatric funding isn't given as much weight as say cancer so these studies are not being done. We as patients are left to fly blind and hope like heck we don't end up worse off (any treatment not just ECT).

Because of its propensity to scramble your memory I do think ECTshould be left to a last resort but I know a number of people who contribute it to saving their lives. And it was years ago they had the treatment so the results were not 'short term'
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I know I've seen how dangerous mood altering drugs can be for pregnant women. This procedure actually causes a small seizure but the patient is given muscle relaxers. I would be very careful and get more than one opion. I am retired and have nothing but time on my hands, if simply having someone to share with helps at all I'm here for you. I don't mind sharing my email if you would prefer to keep it off the forums. Between depression and harmonies I'm sure you'll need someone to sound off to. I've got two grown daughters who drive me crazy so I can relate! Just know if I can help I'm here and once that beautiful baby is born there will be solutions at the end of the tunnel. All my love Gail
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Thank you very much, and yes it's so overwhelming right now. I'm a mess. I see my Dr again this week and will talk to her about what to do
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