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How did you decide it was time for disability?

Okay, so I don't want to pry or anything but I am really struggling at work. I don't want to do disability just yet as I think I am still high functioning, or so I hope, but I am having a hard time. I know I just started treatment so at this time I just want to keep working for as long as possible since I can't fail at this for my family. Maybe even not need this advice, but I need toa sk. But I am really scared and concerned with all the issues I've been having and problems arising at my job.

I'm so forgetful, and I get confused and turned around. My racing and looping thoughts get me all mixed up and I forget to do things, call people, schedule appointments, make folders, do faxes and scanning. Things that used to be easier just keep getting harder and harder. And I'm just really scared.

So, my question is how did you know when working was just no longer an option? Or did someone have to tell you?
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Thank you. I want to keep my job right now. I just feel like my "accomidations" are becoming more and more accomidations for people to deal with me than for me to be productive. I am hoping in the next month or two that my treatment takes an effect and I can be more like I was before. Otherwise I will have to request a different job if possible, I think. But, I'm hoping to work for as long as possible. Hopefully 10 years plus (hoping plus).

Thanks, you have made me feel better. I will make sure to keep documenting everything.
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  Yes well for myself it was when I first went to the psychiatric hospital and got diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. I had been severely psychotic after engaging in destructive behavior. People thought I would never work. I worked for a number of years under the benefits limit and now although mentally I would not meet the criteria I would physically because I have advanced tardive dystonia and am homebound.
   As for what you described see if aspects of the bipolar you have have worsened because a psychiatrist must document that in writing, in that it makes unable to do any kind of work. That much I know from having represented people. Additionally think if you could keep the job if you set up reasonable accomodations. Its all your choice but the documentation must be clear cut and written from your psychiatrist and explain everything in specific terms.
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