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How long should i stay on serquel?

I have been on serquel 200 at bed time for the last 6 months to treat bipolar and i was wondering how long more should i stay on serquel to be good. Along with serquel, im taking invega 3 mg and escitalopram 5 mg, so what are the possible complections or side effects arising from the componation?
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I have been on seroquel since 2006. Don't understand the meaning of "to be good". Seroquel is a good drug from my experience. I don't intend to stop it
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Depending on your intention, I would not recommend stopping it at all.  I will not say that there is never a time to stop the medicine because I understand some valid reasons why it can be time to go up on a dosage, down on a dosage, or stop a medicine altogether.  I did this under the care of a dr for several years but am able to do it on my own now.  I can only tell you why I can and why a person shouldn't.
First off, I can stop my Seroquel now when it is time because I have a great awareness of myself and my mind.  I am not sure if it is a requirement but I studied mental illnesses and a lot of the factors that correlate with them.  Some of what I learned was on accident.  I have stopped my medicine before so I could stay up all night and didn't bother starting it back again until I had to.  I also ran out of my medicine without either a script or the money to fill a script of them.  I have stopped my Seroquel out of defiance.  I have stopped it because I wanted to be drug-free.
I am not going to say too much more about it until I ask you why you are thinking about stopping it.  Not that I wish to argue or agree with anything you may say about it but if you just want to stop it because it feels like you have been on it for enough "time," then I would have a different answer for you than if you said it was making you sick.
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I have taken seroquel on and off for years - I am MUCH better on it and in fact spiraled into mania when I tried to stop it. i would say if it is working don't worry about stopping it. do what works today.
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