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How many BIPOLAR HAVE fibromyalgia

I am not only BIPOLAR I also have had HIV 25 years . also recoverd alcoholic ,How I did it, Bipolar. Now that is something. 2.5 years no urges. My thing is i worry obseively when manic. And  fibromyalgiaWho has thing in common.    Billgonz1
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I actually got dx with both within a week of each other!!!

It's like a nightmare at times, because when you suffer from a disorder that you are in pain chronically you can't help but have depression at times, so when I first got dx with Fibro, I thought oh that kind of explains it...Then a week later they said that I had BP I, and then it all made sense.

Congrats on recovering from alcohol!!! I did not have trouble with that as much as I had problems with pain meds... It's a constant worry of mine, because I hurt all the time...

The only thing I cannot relate to directly is HIV. How is everything going with that though?

When I'm manic I don't only worry obsessively but I turn into someone who looks OCD. I clean clean, and rearrange my room 5 times, buy a lot of junk... All BP stuff really.

Why do you ask? You looking for advice, or someone who knows whats going on with you also.

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I also am bipolar with Fibro..
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.......at least that's what I've been told.. LOL.. I just got back from the doctor again today and they said I'm just suffering from generalized anxiety disorder.. with depression.. whatever that means..
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I'm bp2 and don't have fibro, but I have a bp friend who has both.
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I am bipolar with fibro. I got diagnosed with the fibro like 7 years ago .....with depression later on ....and lived through flare ups. Then I get diagnosed a little over a year ago with Bipolar and my new pdoc says he doesn't know if I really have fibro or if it is just a manifestation of the BP...but I can say that I have felt pain for so long off and on (thank goodness) that he now believes I do in fact have both. I am bipolar 1.

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