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How many medications are you on?

It would be interesting to find out how many people are on more than one medication for their mental health.  I am currently on 3 medications, Depakote and Lithium for my BP and Zopiclone to aid sleep.  I realise this is a very basic poll as it does not show how many different types of mental health problems are being experienced but depending on the response this could lead to a further poll about diagnosis etc.
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my meds include seroquel, clonazepam and lunesta.
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HI there. 2 head meds and one synthroid. Thyroidless pap cancer Sept 06
Bi polar all my life, dx in 1998 med compliant for 8 years.
zyprexa and celexa.
Love Venora
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Often needed more than one mood stabilizer in the past. I believe that's very common. The Clonidine is serving as a mood stabilizer as is the Zofran even though they are for other purposes as well. Same with the rhodiola for depression. I've already mentioned the Phase II experimental antipsychotic glycine. Did not count the muscle relexants and the Klonopin helps with this but since it was originally prescribed for anxiety disorder it helps on standard psychiatric symptoms as well. The Klonopin has been 10 years now so that's the only consistent. Been through almost every known mood stabilizer and probably will keep trying them until I find the right match. The Clonidine patch has evened things out but it does run out after a few days so its not ideal.
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lamictal, xanax, klonopin, abilify, thyroxine, lexapro
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Diagnosed in 98 tried almost everything,  Lithium wks best for me was on 1200mg for a wk couldn't handle it, back down to 3 a day plus welbutrin ambien and vistaril.
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I am on Clonazepam, Wellbutrin, Abilify, Seroquel, and Depakote.
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Lamictal, Lithium, Seroquel, Prozac, and  Ritilan
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Lamictal, 2 types of Seroquel, Depkote, Trazadone, Ativan(when needed)
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mental health: Lamictal and trazodone
Atenolol for a heart problem caused by Seroquel
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Lithium, Effexor XR, Diazepam, Zyprexa

Also take daily Ranitidine for reflux
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Wellbutrin, Lamictal, Klonopin, Geodon, lithium
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Lithium Seroquel Klonopin Started Lamictal but not doing so well
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Thanks to everyone who has responded so far.  It would appear that between 3 and 5 different meds is the "norm" from the results so far, which doesn't surprise me when you consider that in a lot of cases a mood stabilizer alone is not enough.
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Epilim, and just come off effexor. You may want to take into account the nationality of those voting, as Monkey C poitned out on anbother thread, the docs in america seem to prescribe more of a cocktail than australian docs at least.
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Hi Minty, That will be the next poll, if I'd included it in this one the list of questions would have gone on to a second page, lol.  :-)  Plus the old brain cells aren't working well at the moment and anything more than simple is beyond me *wink*
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thought ranitidine was not recommended with the other meds you are on? i was on zyprexa but it caused weight gain.
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I voted four for mental illness:  zoplicone, lithium, risperadol, effexor xr.

I started with effexor (was treated for unipolar dipression at the time) for 8 years, then began lithium concurrently and have been on it for more than two years.  Zoplicone was only added just before Christmas for sleeping problems when I needed (I don't take it every night).  Finally, just started Risperadol this last week.  Tried Seroquel for a few days and couldn't get out of bed while taking it, so we went on to Risperadol.

I also take Dicetal for IBS (which I should probably use more often.....), and Maxalt for my migraines.
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I take Cymbalta, Lamictal, Seroquel, and Clonidine and Lovaza
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Psych:  Effexor XR, Topamax, Lexapro, Seroquel, Trazadone, Xanax (prn)

Other: Aciphex (GERD), Detrol (Urinary issue), Evoxac (Sjogrens), Levoxyl (Thyroid), Oxycotin (pain), Plaquenil (Lupus), Provigil (alterness), Vicodin PRN (pain), 3 tropical ointments, 8 OTC vitamins/minerals

12 Rx daily (over 20 actual pills, some as many as 4x/day)
3 topicals
2 PRNs
8 OTCs

Do I win?  I never win anything, so, maybe in my loss of health, I can win in the number of meds I take!  By the way, my doctors and I always try and find ways to discontinue medications, with very little luck.  Other than psych meds, I only take one pill per condition, so unless the condition goes away......  And it took us over two years to get the mix of psych meds to keep me out of the hospital and stop trying and doing crazy things, so I'm not touching that combo.  So, I am what I am.  Thank God for my husband's (separated now ) employer's insurance!
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seroquel, escitalopram and sometimes vallium
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I feel like I'm constantly taking pills, but I was able to change up my meds to extended release on one med so that I'm not taking them all day. I've moved over to
300mgs SeroquelXR @ night
100mgs [email protected] noon
100mgs Trazadone for Sleep
250mgs Lamactil @night

150mgs Spironolactone for PCOS
40-80mgs Nexxium for GERD
900-1800mgs Tylenol1/day prn or T3(but those trigger my hypomania)
600-1600mgs Motrin/day prn (as last resort for pain)
Dermasone Topical Lotion (for psoariasis) - triggered by meds ugh
10-40mgs Flexeril/day prn - for back pain
Maxalt Wafter/prn - for Migraines
Ativan 1-2mgs/prn
+ glucosamine/chondroitin
+ B complex Vit
+ Multi Vitamin
+ Omega 3's

I didn't realize really how many meds I take until I listed them here - wow
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Currently (& subject to change)
Zoloft 250 mg
Ativan 1-4 mg daily
Topamax 300 mg
Zoplicone 15 mg
Lithium 300 mg
Multi vitiamin with B12
Advair 500
Anti inflamatory as necessary
Flovent (dry nasal passages due to meds)
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Psych: Lamictal, Klonopin, Seroquel
Other: Digoxin, Cryselle, various OTCs...
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