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How to know if my fiance is bi-polar

I have been with my fiance for almost 6 years.  I found out last August that he had been having an affair for 2 years.  We have been working it out, we have a 17 month old son together and he was extremely remorseful.  We've been in counseling for 8 months now.  At first after the affair he was so wonderful, he was in a good mood, showing me love and affection and then just a couple of months ago he's become such a miserable person again.  I've been trying to put it all together and am wondering if he suffers from bi-polar disorder.  He's not severe in his mood swings, his manic state isn't that high, but he is fun and outgoing and such a joy to be around but it lasts from maybe a day to a few hours and then he's right back down again.  His downs are not so severe either where he threatens suicide but he gets easily irritated by anything I do and say, which isn't something that would normally annoy someone.  It could be a simple question like "are you going to take a shower" and it's followed by a snippy "what Jez?  Yes, why?" kind of response.  But he can sleep for entire day, even when he's already slept a good 8 hours at night.  He's so lazy all of the time and it's very frustrating when we have a child who wants to get up and go all of the time.  He can be very disconnected and he was this way when he was having his affair.  I'm not sure if he's this way because of the affair or he's just always been this way and just has moments where he is up and not down.  I've mentioned to him that I think he has this issue but he doesn't think he does.  I have to bring it up in therapy but I would just like to know people's opinions on this.  Thanks for the advice in advance.
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I brought it up with him last night and he got a little offended but I gave it a positive twist like there is nothing wrong with having this disorder.  It's something you can't control.  But I left it alone because I could see him getting aggitated.  He was in a good mood last night.  It's hard because I don't know what to expect from day to day.  I live so uncomfortably just waiting for the other shoe to drop.
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I can't specifically state if he has bipolar but its a possibility. What appears to be laziness may be the under motivation of depression. It would be worth asking his therapist for a referral to a psychiatrist but put it in a positive way that it will help with his recovery because it will.
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