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How to tell If I am bipolar

Well I am really not sure how to start this off. I guess by telling you my history. My family does have a history of manic depression and bipolar disorder as a matter of fact my dad has both. I love my wife and kids and I know I am now at the age my dad was at when he got sick I shall say. I have SEVERE mood swings that are unexplainable my wife said she never in her life has seen someone who gets AS mad as QUICK as I do. I have been doing alot of research on the subject I'm really not one to talk about my problems. But when it starts to affect my marriage I have to do something. as far as the racing thoughts go I'm really not sure how to describe what goes on in my head. There are somedays I am so depressed I don't even want to get out of bed. My dad has put our whole family under alot of stress with his illness. sometimes I get caught up in my own thoughts to the point I feel like its happening all over again I'm not sure whats going on. can someone try to tell me If I need to seek help.
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try doing an online bipolar quiz, and after the results from that print it out and take it to a doctor. remember just dont use this as diagnosing urself. Your doctor will then look at it and then do his/her own evaluation on you and will determined for sure if this is what you have.
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Bipolar disorder is the new term used for manic-depressive.  Some of your symtoms could indicate a problem.  I would definitely recommend seeing a mental health provider who will be able to make a rational evaluation as long as you're truthful about all of your symtoms. There are many new medications that can help. If you are bipolar realize that it is incurable, but controllable. See someone soon abd good luck.

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I was under the impression that bi-polar disease skips a generation.  You can get  your blood chemistry tested and then you will know for sure.  My mother was bi-polar and on Lithium and other drugs all her life.  There was never a question of whether she was bi-polar.  
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There isn't a standardized blood test available to check for bipolar disorder yet. (I am not sure I would trust it even if it was available) The diagnosis is based on symptoms and determined by either a psychologist or psychiatrist.

The topic of the blood test for biological markers is interesting though.

Here is a link to an article regarding the topic:
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