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Hurting and alone

I am wavering between okay and scared. I was in a small car accident, not my fault. I have adjusted to meds but feel I need more of seroquil xr taking only 200mg but still have depression and have big side effects. I don't feel in here I am really known. I feel I am too known by those that don't have the mood disorder of BP1. Miss my friends in here but I have to be here to get responses, so my fault. The accident definately set me off and I'll need to go in and see psych. I hate falling off. I was beginning to be "normal", again!!!!!! Now back to round and round.
I know this does not make sense, sorry. zzzmykids Oh question: Is this norm to be off so much from a minor fenderbender...?
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Yes that is something that would definitely be distressing to anyone. If this occurred just as a reaction to the car accident unless your psychiatrist has specifically stated that your medication needs to be adjusted it would be best to talk this over with your psychologist.
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A fender bender could easily throw you off. It is a physical shock as well as an emotional shock and there is all the aftermath of insurance companies to deal with.

If you have anyone to talk to, or anything to distract you I'd try that.

It is normal if you have an active case of bipolar to be so off from a fender bender.

Generally speaking someone would be shook up but not traumatized. I got into one recently and I was at fault (it was so stupid). It threw me off center for a few days and then I was back to my normal self. My normal self right now still has some bipolar symptoms but they are manageable.

I'd go see a psychiatrist or psychologist and talk with them about it.
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Thank you both for comments and helpful suggestions. I have been gone. After I saw my Psych, my husband and I flew away to Mexico for  our time in October where we go to Mexico. We  settled down, I was going to get three hour and a half massages but I felt I was doing so well, I cancelled the last one. We read, swam, talked and enjoyed the beauty. I still can't drive but it will come back. Again, thank you.
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Sounds normal to me. I'm glad you were able to relax for a bit. I recently went back to work after back surgery and it threw me into a 3 wk. long agitated cycle. had to call and get more meds... ugh. So I get where you are coming from.
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Glad to see you are more optomistic. After I got in a really bad car accident (turned my midsize into a mini) it took me a while to get back driving. Start really small. Get your husband to take you to a rural town or a quiet neighborhood and just do a circle around the block. The first few times I literally went around the block and got out of the car. Then I would do more. I avoided that intersection whenever humanly possible but at least I could drive myself to work. You'll get back in the saddle soon.
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Thank you for taking the time and caring enough to write back to the posts. After twenty years of not being able to work, I am trying to take a three hour test for a job position, I am hoping I can manage.
Yes, dealing with dr.'s and trying to get back to driving but haven't yet. We live in a rural/horses area so it is not the busy, it is the actual pulling out of the driveway and just driving. Had this almost three years ago and it lasted a year when a semi took out the side of my vehicle.
So I will get back to it soon. Hope all of you are well.
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You can be extremely off from anything really, it depends on several different factors.  Even the common cold for example can be debilitating if you have chronic bronchitis for example.
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Dear Friend,
It is good to hear from you. Reporting to all, I have driven once and will drive today...maybe going thirty and side streets but still driving. Good news. Let's see have some medical things to deal with, the one I can share is I have two kidney stones in left kidney. Have to have them blasted, but I have to be put out. This year, Momma passed, Dad is getting more feeble. Husband was in serious accident in last of January.
My memory is becoming spacey. All family is cohesive, yeah. I miss talking to friends in here. Again, thanks paranoid for writing. zzzmykids
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Congratulations on driving! It is a big step. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. 2 kidney stones - ouch. I've had a kidney stone but never two of them at the same time. Mine got stuck in my uterer and I had to go in for surgery for them to put a stent in. Not fun. Was in the hospital for three days. When the stupid thing came out it was so small. I wanted it to be bigger, to reflect the pain it caused. lol. I hope the zapping goes well.

Family stuff is always hard, especially grief. That is enough to make anyone struggle.
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