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Hyper sexuality


Anyone experiencing multiple hypersexual episodes . Online? That's my problem walking the edge get cut and never acted out .. But close very close!

When I am in a rampage I hit on everything male or female! I'm tired of this, maybe the molestation. That's what my pshyc says ..
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Hypersexuality is a symptom of bipolar, it is even in the diagnostic criteria. It is very common when manic or hypomanic so try to get down on yourself. I was quite the little **** when hypomanic and am so straight laced when stable. It is embarrasing, but I try to remember that the feel good chemicals are flowing into the brain and things don't fire correctly. You take more risks, in everything, so it is understandable that one of those risks is sexual.

Being in a committed relationship I know that sex outside the marriage can't happen, so I take care of things by pleasing myself as needed. Using your imagination can help. Because the thoughts won't just pass on their own I find.

Be a bit careful with online stuff as they are finding it has addictive qualities all its own. They find that many people use it to get the dopamine rush, and then when they get used to what they are seeing, they need harder core stuff to get more of a rush, and it escalates from there. There are a lot of non bipolar people who develop HUGE issues around this. Best to stick to the old imagination, or pick up some smutty reading material.

Should be interesting to see if the word blocker blocks any words in this post. I've tried to keep it clean while laying it out honestly. You certainly are not alone in this issue.

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I have trouble with this myself.  My main problem is that I met my husband during a prolonged manic phase (that followed a prolonged depressive phase).  So, he loved the slutty girl he found.  He enjoys the swinging lifestyle which I do or don't depending on my mood.  However, I don't think it is good for me.  Not sure what to do.
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