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I've been bipolar for a few years and this is my first episode with hyper sexuality.  The first week was amazing....it was a whole new world for me....and I loved it.  The second week I knew I needed to see my doctor...and I did and he gave me some added meds.....but I didn't take them because I loved everything about the episode......I'm in my third week....and I have a nasty bladder infection...no sex for at least a week.  What am I going to do?  Anyone else with this scenario?  I have a followup appointment in 3 weeks with my doc...but what in the heck am I going to do until then?
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WELL, um you see how many have answered you. Try white vinegar after each time you release urine. small amount on a cotton ball. Use cranberry pills. Always urinate after sexual activity...any kind. It is not an acceptable addiction for women to have an oversexual drive that becomes as addictive as cocaine.
I was a very young teenager when I decided this was better than chocolate and in fact anything. Before being diagnosed with bp 2 I found out how hard it was to quit. It brought shame to me beyond what you can imagine. After finding out I was bp2 this was just part of my world. Yes I have a family of love and no they have never found out.
But looking back I am sure they did. My gyno gave me a low dose antibiotic for the bladder infections and still does because I am still very intimate with husband. I try to make love rather than just get my "groove" on, it helps. You are addicted most likely or will become if you do not stop. I have broke the bond/addiction, but it is hard after being with my husband and having a great high not to think, hmmm I can handle this.....nope.
So far I have not found a female sexual addiction class and am unwilling to start one.
Good luck, be completely honest with your psych. He actually can give you prescription for bladder antibiotic. Good Luck.
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Try cranberry azo it the feminine section. It works wonderfully try it and see if it helps u. I haven't met anyone who didn't feel better in a day good luck
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