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I cannot sleep

I have been taking depakote for over a year, plus Wellbutrin. Recenlty, as in the past, my anxiety has been uncontrollable.  I had a panic attack a few hours ago but was able to talk my self down. I definitely experience more hypo mania as opposed to high levels of depression or mania,  however, before I was medicated I was absolutely crazy - heavy drinking, multiple sex partners and a lot of cocaine. I've been sober for 3 years.
So that's my past. Currently I have not slept more than 3 maybe 4 hours a night for nearly three weeks.  At times I feel fine, energized functional , but not always.  I have a very difficult time concentrating focusing and remembering especially important things. very important things. During this same time I am not feeling especially  happy   In any regards. Not to say I'm in Self inflicted danger, life is just blah,
One other major issue is trying to educate my loving husband as to the extent if this ailment. I know he doesn't like it, it's challenging....but I hate it too. And see now I'm crying. I hate letting him down, being a burden.
Any advices please??
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Wellbutrin can be very activating, so take it in the morning first thing if you aren't already.  It can also worsen anxiety, although it's less likely than other antidepressants to cause mania.  The lack of sleep could be causing the emotional issues or creating a bit of a mixed state.  Don't change your meds without talking to your doctor, but talk to them soon, because you are not in a good place.

If you're in therapy, ask for your husband to come to a session with you so that the therapist can help explain things to him.  Your psychiatrist can do this too.  You might be able to find a support group for family members of people with mental illness that would help him learn to understand it and cope with it.

You might want to look into treating the anxiety specifically.  A combination of therapy and meds can be very effective.  I love my buspar for keeping my baseline level so much lower and making me functional.  I do not have panic attacks, so I can't speak to those.

Remember that a lot of the negativity you're hearing from yourself is the illness.  
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Thank you and I agree especially with your salutation. It's just really unusual for me to suddenly have such a dramatic emotional change for no obvious reason.  I felt so stable for over a year and then bam here it comes.  I keep my head up, never miss work and honestly haven't had the courage to seek help beyond the meds mostly.
Thank you for the wonderful suggestion of bring my husband along.
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Hi. A lot of people who do not have a mental disorder do not understand it. Really most of us with Bipolar disorder barely understand what is going on in our brains & how it is affecting our behavior.
How often do you see the Dr that prescribed the Depakote?  It may be time for a medicine reevaluation. I think you would feel better with more sleep.
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    Ah the sounds of insomnia know all too well. I had to bug the fire out of my Dr to prescribe me something for sleep as I might have a good night sleep 1x a month maybe, so he prescribed remeron(an antidepressant as well) for sleep. I take 30 mg and it is doing me better than if I didn't take it. There are many options out there and do discuss with your Dr. It would be very beneficial if your husband would not only participate in therapy but also ask him to go to the library and research on this disorder or online. Hope that helps you!
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