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I think I may have Bipolar

I think I may have Bipolar disorder but how do I know?

I was diagnosed with depression in 2006 and I have been taking anti-depressants ever since.  I think are helping sometimes but other times I don't.

I have episodes of feeling low with urges to drink alcohol to drown my sorrows or to go on a spending spree to make me feel better and also over eating.  I have thoughts of leaving home, having an affair and sometimes even of suicide.

Other times I feel fine or maybe a little to fine and start thinking of all wonderful things I could do with my life and my mind is racing.  I have mad cleaning sprees and can't stop and once I have finished I will start again!

It's from one extreme to another and I don't know how to explain it to my doctor!  I am constantly visiting my doctor with stomach and abdominal pains and think they may feel I am just attention seeking or something - What can I do?
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Sounds like you are having some symptoms of bipolar disorder.  I too was diagnosed by a PCP for depression before I started having mania.  I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist  and that is the best individual to see about bipolar disorder.  Anti-depressents can help the depression, but being on the wrong one can throw a bipolar individual into mania.  I am on a mood stabilizer (Lithium) and then my anti-depressent is Wellbutrin.  Wellbutrin is less likely to cause mania comparied to other anti-depressents.  Have you read any information in the net yet about bipolar?  That can give you some resources and help you understand the illness.  www.nami.org is a great place to start.  www.bipolarhelpcenter.com is another great website.  When you go to see the psychiatrist, they will first screen you for thyroid disorder.  Sometimes people with thyroid problems mimic bipolar disorder.  If your results come back negative then you will be put through testing to determine if you are bipolar or not.  I hope this helps.  Perhaps your PCP can refer you to a psychiatrist so that insurance will pick it up? Also, if you are bipolar, this forum is a great addition to a support system!  Best of luck to you!  
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it is best to be evaluated by a psychiatrist. Md often only treat the depression while seeing the mania. see a psychiatrist and tell what you have told here. you do sound bi polar but only head doc will be able to evaluate you.
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