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I'm new. Manic. Need advice.

I'm having my first major manic episode in a long time. Don't know what to do. Can't concentrate to type well. I'm an introvert so all day i've just been cleaning and clenching my teeth and talking to myself inside my head. Does anyone else talk to themselves in their heads? It's like just a running dialogue that goes too fast to write or type or say. What do you do to calm down when you're out of anxiety meds? I'm just scared. and paranoid. I'm totally embarassed of everything I say or do even though I'm not doing anything unusual. Trying to keep my symptoms inside so as not to interfere with others.
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It might be worthwhile to speak to your psychiatrist as anti-anxiety medications generally would not stop any form of manic episode. Its important to be able to differentiate what they treat and what a mood stabilizer does and discuss this with your psychiatrist. I do have specific coping solutions during times of hypomania such as engaging in activities that I do to keep myself busy such as writing or reading or some of the creative activities I do such as collage work or contacting friends to keep myself occupied. If I notice things becoming worse though I make sure to contact my psychiatrist. When I used to have anxiety attacks the Klonopin I took was specifically for that. If I felt manic I would speak to my psychiatrist and if it continued he would adjust the mood stabilizer I was on.
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I don't have a psychiatrist right now. I'm switching insurance and doctors. Actually, I never had a psychiatrist. My family doctor prescribed all my mental health meds (I basically had to do the research myself and tell him what to prescribe me). I'm going to find one towards the end of April though.

I am on Lamictal for mood-stabilization. I have no idea what it's doing since I've been on it for so long. Effexor for depression. Clonazipam for anxiety.

It's so hard to be around other people while having an episode...
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When I am manic / hypomanic I also talk in my head, its like having rehearsal conversations, over and over, sometimes it is a conversation I am never going to have, I also have looping where thoughts just loop going round and around in my head during this time I also clean like mad and clentch my teeth, not sure I can give any advise except that I do this too and so do many others as I have had this conversation as a post before, many responded with the same experience.
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yes when were maninc anything can happen..i usually get hypomanic..but full blown manic can be good but mostly its bad..yoyu mite ask ur pdoc for lithiem or serquil short term use till maninc subsides
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Wow. Thank you for sharing that with me. I didn't think anyone did those things except me.  :-)
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Don't worry, I talk to myself in my head and out loud all the time. It is pretty common for me. I also pace, rock, fidget, and so on. Just like hell1971 says, I rehears my little conversations about things. I can be rehersing to talk to anyone from my husband or my friend to Barbara Walters or Oprah, you know, for when I get famous.... >.< And then I get stuck in a loop, too. I will rehers the same conversation over and over. Or just the same words or songs over and over. And yes, it goes too fast to really type or write down. I usually can't remember any of it once the hypomania goes away. :(

Typing is hard for me too, and spelling, dialing phone numbers, reading, lots of things. You're not alone. It is hard to keep it all hidden, especially at work. And, I have so much irritability and aggitation, I lose my ability to concentrate and I get really confused and disorganized. So, I also feel scared a lot.

Also, just like you I don't have a psychiatrist, just a GP.
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