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Insomnia From Bipolar or Depression?

How Many People Experience Insomnia From Bipolar or Depression, Have Experienced It or Have It Treated in Some Way? I am asking because after over a year of 3 A.M. bedtimes part of the cause of which was obviously rapid cycling it stopped as treatment was adjusted and things have improved and I know that's common but I am wondering how common?
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I take 2 sleep aides and get about 3 hours a night.  It *****.  Sometimes I feel like a zombie during the day.  I can't even get to sleep till 4:00 am.  It 's so frustrating.  I don't know how I function and work with such little sleep.
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I suffer from insomnia when I'm depressed and when I'm manic, it doesn't matter, i've always had trouble sleeping, when i was a kid i used to have epilepsy and the seizures would come on at night when I would try to go to sleep, so maybe that is why. I do take lunesta, used to take ambien, i even used to guzzle nyquil just to fall alseep. the only time i sleep well is when i'm on a mood stabilizer, but then i sleep too much.
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I've almost always slept so much that insomnia sounds like it would be a blessing.
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It comes and goes whiskey counteracts it pretty well
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i had insomnia when i was manic without feeling tired, sometimes i would only have two hours sleep and i just wasnt tired.

when i had mixed state depression and mania i dont sleep either nut my energy levels are all over the place, makes sence i supose. this is where i am now, would give anything to just fall alseep soon after going to bed, at least i have meds that help, i take zyprexa at night for that exact reason, it has just been increased because the sleep thing was becoming a problem again.

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Having my husband around really helps with the insomnia. I used to have terrible insomnia due to "flash back" type issues of past trauma, but now I sleep better. I think because I feel a lot safer with him there. Maybe that's silly, but it is true.
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Sorry, Friend,
I put have insomnia when I should have put had and now medicated.  I am to be asleep by eleven o'clock instead of the four to six am I used to do.  Since medicated have had few overnighters and all dayers.  Once in a great while I will get one now, but the medication pretty much works in fifteen to thirty minutes.
Have a great weekend...
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i thought i was  weird..i go to bed at 6am or later everyday  then up 4 hrs latewr  EVERYDAY,,but   go back to sleep  after meds...but im also sleep apnea were the bi pap  and o2....but i was like this before i got the apnea...and  sometimes i dont go to bed at all..then the next day im tired but able to do what i need to..then go to sleep at 3am after being up 26 hrs,.,...  *****... my circadian clock is all out of whack..
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My sleep used to all  be out of whack to where I didn't have something that could be called a sleep schedule.  It was totally random.
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I am off all my meds for bipolar for about a month.  I am noticing that my sleep is becoming a problem, even with the use of sleep medication.  I go to bed at midnight, then lay there four to five hours, unable to stop my entire body from moving and my mind racing.  Eventually I get up and take Restrile and in another hour I manage to dose off.  Only to wake up anywhere from 7-10 a.m.  I seldom need to sleep during the day.  But this is a danger signal to me, as after much sleep deprivation I became suicidal.  I am also noticing that I am growing irritable more often, another symptom that I may be heading into a manic state.  I will report this today to my doctor, just in case he thinks it means anything.
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The meds I used to be one made me sleep but the combination I am on now does not. I lay awake for long periods until I give up and take a sleeping pill. It is very frustrating as my meds make me sleepy during the day but not at night.
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I've always had insomnia. My mom told me when I was a baby I'd always cry as soon as I woke up, even when I was a toddler. Just wake up bawling. For most of my life I would lie in bed awake, thinking and worrying. I assumed everyone did the same.

I take a small amount of Seroquel before bed to make me drowsy enough to nod off without taking away any valuable sleep stages. Being able to sleep at night makes a world of a difference for me.
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