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Intense mood swings?

I have been diagnosed with depression but I am now becoming concerned that I could have bipolar disorder. I have tried two different antidepressants and both made me experience manic episodes and I had to come off them. I am now on no medication, but I am noticing that I'm experiencing mood swings a lot of the time. I can go from being depressed and suicidal to the point where I can't function, to being talkative, energetic, confident, have racing thoughts and just generally feel really great about life. I have been keeping a mood chart and found that I wake up feeling depressed, then about 5pm I suddenly switch to my 'high' mood and this carries on till the early hours of the morning. My mum has become concerned about these mood swings and so have I, but my psychiatrist has told me that because I am 16, they are just normal teenage mood swings.

I feel very confused. Should I trust her as a doctor or be concerned and keep bringing it up? It's frustrating because I can't even treat my depression as I go manic every time I am put on antidepressants. Has anyone else experienced this? Can someone please give me advice on what to do from here? Should I wait a few weeks longer and see what happens?

*p.s, I'm not looking for a diagnosis - just some advice on what to do as me and my psych are disagreeing on what to do next so I feel I have no one to turn to.
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Sometimes even if you are bipolar it can take years to get diagnosed. Is your doctor a medical doctor, psychatrist, or a therapist? If you are going to a thearapist or psychatrist it is their job to know how you feel, and it is also their job to ask. If you are going to a medical doctor perhaps you should consider going to a therapist or a psychatrist.
I have had some issues with doctors not listening to my issues and have suffered because it. I have ended up in the hospital and a chrisis recovery facility because they did not listen or take seriously my symptoms and they went untreated. So it is important for doctors to take you seriously so that you can get proper treatment.
I am greatful I have learned alot about this over the years. It is also important to recognize your symptoms so that you can tell your psychatrist or therapist. If you do not tell them than how can they treat it. I say if you are having trouble speak up, because if you don't you may suffer more in the future if this gets worse over time. Also you can always seek a second opinion. If your mom is conscerned ask her if she might be interested in seeking another opinion from another doctor.
Hope you get it worked out.
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Thanks for the reply!

I think you're right - I don't want to have to wait until I am bad enough to be hospitalized in order to be taken seriously. I see a psychiatrist and she has only ever asked about the text book symptoms of bipolar - spending large amounts of money in a short period of time, grandiose thoughts, insomnia etc. All of which I don't experience. I don't think she ever thought I could be bipolar as I only expressed my concerns about the depression I was faced as that was my main issue. I think I will give it another few weeks and see how things go, but if I still don't believe she is taking my symptoms seriously I think I'll try to find another psychiatrist.

Thanks again for your reply! :)
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If your mom is concerned you could ask her to come to the drs with you, when diagnosing they like to have other people that witness the behaviours especially mania symptoms. She would be able to explain what she sees, and it may give you more credability with your doctor. Good luck hang in there.
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When I first got dx BP, the Dr was so amazed by me it freaked me out. I was thinking I was unique till I met my current pdoc who is spot on. I'm a work in progress but at least in good hands. Maybe a mood stabilizer for the mixed state. Tell her your concerns & if they're not addressed,  find someone who'll understand & help u.
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