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Is Bipolar for Life?

I was surprised to see that "Denial" is one of the categories for posting. That's exactly where I am.

A boyfriend diagnosed my a bipolar in my mid-30's and my shrink confirmed it. That was about five years ago.

I've had such severe manic spending episodes that I had to file bankruptcy. And such severe depression that I was suicidal and none of the drugs worked so I had to go through 6 months of 3 electroconvulsive treatments a month before I came out of it.

I'm still "moody."  But I like to think of it as having bad spells. I've met two people who said they decided not to be bipolar anyone and it worked.  I don't know how to do that but I want to.

I hate to think of myself as bipolar. Is there any benefit to "accepting" it? I mean I'm following my shrink's advice and getting the ECT, drugs and therapy that I need. So, why label myself?

And how do you "decide" not to be bipolar anymore?

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  Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric disability so its something that needs treatment and follow up. I  myself have schizoaffective and in the same manner I try not to let it define me. Its something I continue to seek recovery from. Its good that other people encouraged you to seek help but it was your psychiatrist that diagnosed you. The important thing to remember is that new treatments are being developed all the time so further recovery should continue in the future. This has some information on what's currently available and what's known that you could discuss with your psychiatrist:
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  Also support groups can be of help. There are often mood disorders support groups in outpatient centers and NAMI has some worthwhile support groups as well.
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denial is definatley something i struggle with, when i was really sick and first diagnosed i did go through denial, telling. yself it was a breakdown, on and off during the last 3 yrs i go through stages, last march i had a manic episode and said to my doc if ever i get into denial againto remind me of march, yet just recently i have gone through another period of denial, i have had 4 docs tell me i am bipolar. i have just had a profile done and my therapist said it did not show bipolar, so again findmyself doubting my diagnosis. all i know is that i need treatment and things are definatley not right, i was doing well and then came off bp meds and am now struggling on and off so its something i am going to be speaking to my doctor about. i have a friend who says i am. ot and friends and family who says i am, i guess for me it will probably take another manic episode to proove to myselfi am but that is a risk. i say if you are being treated for bipolar and the medication is helping then that is what matters in my opinion
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