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Is OCD associated with BPII in any way?

I have some OCD ticks that I wonder if they are associated.  Things like cleaning when I'm manic and changing out all the light bulbs because they bother me or scrubing a spot because I think there's dirt there that I can't remove.  things like thinking of something i feel i need to see so intensely that I have to see it (movie, land, etc) or it will drive me crazy.  Being so drawn to a pistol - not with intent - that I dream about it, think about it and have to hold it, feel the cold metal - for the sensations to go away.

What i'm afraid of is that this also drives my emotional/reason....that i have to get away from someplace or have to see someone to the point it drives me crazy unless I do.  then the moment i have....it's gone and I'm fine.  this can be a dangerous and detremental compulsion in both business and personal life.

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Thanks all.  I appreciate the feedback.  the more I read and research this subject the more I find evidence and articles that support the thought that Bipolar - and it seems type II more often - have issues in a manic state with OCD associations.  Just another small behavior/challenge we need to keep in mind...and to know you're not alone in these behaviors.
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Wow, I don't feel alone anymore. I totally get OCD type behavior. My thoughts repeat over and over. I obsess about ridiculous things and drive myself nuts. I have Bipolar II disorder. I obsess over removing body hair, I'll sit with a tweezer and rip the hairs off my legs instead of shaving for hours. Or, I get obsessed about changing my sheets because I think I can smell sex on them. Sometimes I get overly anxious about looking at my daily life and every step I take something can go wrong, like I'll get hit by a car or a bird will **** on my head or I'll step in dog ****. I also repeatedly search my bag to make sure all of my things are in it a bunch of times.
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I don't know if OCD and BPII are 100% connected but I do think that once you have one issue then you can have other issues as well. I do have a lot of axiety and repetative thoughts. I understand what you're saying about needing to do or see something or you just dwell on it. I do that to when I'm really stressed and having anxiety.

I too tend to clean more when I'm hypomanic. I rarely get the urge to scrub and scrub myself silly, (I'm a more laid back kind of person,) but when I'm manic and irritated I'll just start washing dishes or picking up the house to get my energy out. I tend to mummble to myself while I clean too. I'm sure I look "crazy" at those times. Ha ha.... >.>

Well, if it is becoming an issue and it seems to be really interferring with your life I think it is worth it to talk about with your doctor. It is really treatable with therapy and you can get past it.
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