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Is Risperdal working in my child?

My daughter is ADHD and bipolar. She was diagnosed as ADHD at 3 years old and immediately medicated. She was diagnosed as bipolar at 5 and immediately medicated. She was on Abilify for a year and we recently discovered that much of her highly agressive mania was being caused by the ADHD medications she was on, including stimulants as well as non-stimulant. She no longer takes anything for ADHD, which has been giving her a lot of trouble lately at school. About two weeks ago her psychiatrist and I decided that the Abilify no longer seems to be working and we started her on Risperdal. Her violence has been increasing and she is starting to actually hurt myself, my husband, and even our other children. She is constantly running away from home, breaking items, screaming nearly constantly, and just overall is highly agressive and irritable. The Risperdal has calmed her down SOME over the last 2 weeks, but not enough for me to thank heavens that I put her on this medication that has already caused her to gain 10 lbs. She's going to be 7 next month. I don't know what to do anymore.. is being on Risperdal going to eventually make the violent and manic behavior stop? Or should I just commit her into a children's mental hospital? I feel like I'm fighting a war that will never be won and don't know what the right thing to do is anymore. Someone... please help???
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The potentially destructive behavior of ADHD should not be confused with mania. Medications that are used to treat ADHD are stimulants and thus can sometimes worsen bipolar. Any behavior that comes from mania is generally treated with a mood stabilizer. So there are two different issues. But both would respond to talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy in addition to medication. Best instead of considering hospitalization to take your child to a child psychiatrist who is an expert in the field and understand this whole issue and what combination of medications would be right.
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