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Is being Anti-Social a Sign of Being Bipolar

i am bipolar and i take lexapro. the meds work well with the disorder but i cant seem to get myself out of the house to go find a job. i say im going to do it the morning i wake up and ill get ready but i never make it out the door. if i do manage to get into town ill fill out one or two applications and call it a day. when i get home and a few days pass i try to pick up the phone to call them but it just doesnt happen. its almost like im scared because i dont know what to say. it seems like i dont try but really i am and i dont know whats wrong with me. I cant even hold a conversation with some one or have eye contact what so ever. Im always racing through the grocery store just to get out of there and i dont even buy clothes like a normal person does on a regular basis. I dont do drugs and i sometimes drink. Am i still showing symptoms of the bipolar disorder or am i just making up excuses because im really confused.
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As I said in that other post, it sounds like agoraphobia. Of course I'm not a doctor, so I can't say for sure, but that's what it sounds like to me. Since you're already on meds for bipolar you must have a psychiatrist already? Call them right away and explain what is happening.
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Depends whether you avoid social contact in general or just being outside. If you avoid all social engagements with people and don't speak to them on the phone, then yes part of depression certainly is not wanting to be with people. If its a fear of being outside or in enclosed places that would be a phobia. But only your psychiatrist would know for sure so it would be best to speak to them about it.
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