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Is tongue numbness a side effect of Lamotrigine?

I’m a 17-year-old girl and I am currently Lamotrigine as a mood stabilizer.  I have been taking it for several months now. I take 200 mg every night and about 10 minutes after taking it I have numbness of my tongue, a funny taste, and feeling in my mouth. This lasts all night and it goes away about an hour after I wake up. During the day I get tired from exerting the smallest force. I’ve also noticed that I space off a lot and, although not often, I experience some confusion. Are these normal side effects of the medication?
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How long have these symtoms been present?
Is Lamictal the only medicine you are taking?
How long have you been feeling the tiredness after minimal actiity because that could be something else.
The spacing out could be a problem but my ain concern for you in that is how it will effect your studies.... You are still in school aren't you?
The numbness has happened since I started taking them and the confusion and tiring started about a month in. Yes, Lamictal is the only medication I take and yes, I am still in school. I am in the 11th grade. I space out at random times even in the middle of class, and although it is rare I sometimes space out when I drive.
I forgot I do use another medication called Yaz and it is a daily birth control pill.
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