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It's Really Difficult Being A Manic Teen = [

I have sever mood swings. None of my friends are aware that I have bi-polar. I found when I was 15 years old and I am about to turn 18 on December 27th. I am taking Lithium and it works for maybe a few days, and even with my taking it regularly, it stops working and I feel very depressed, self contious, and lonely. What do I do? I don't even like being alive anymore.
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hi.I'm not bipolar but my mom is. I know how hard it can be watching my mother go through what she has went through in her life. You need to know that you are not alone. So many people suffer from bipolar. The good thing is that you know your diganois and you can get help.maybe your lithium dosage needs to be increased ir you should try a new medicine.what about topamax? My mom took that and it did help her. Everyone is different but i think that if you can get on the right medicine and dosage it would help you. You could also try telling one of your friends so that you could have someone to talk to and you wont feel so alone.
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Thank you. It's just so scary trying new medicine because I don't know how it will make me feel. I will bring of that medicine to my doctor and see if he knows anything about it. Thank you very much.  = ]

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im also bipolar im 17 years old. you can always talk to me ive gone through like basically everything bipolar. talk to your phyciatrist. she may need to increase the dose it sounds like.
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please join
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Do you ever feel like nobody understands our thoughts? Nobody understand how it feels to have a billion and one thoughts running through your head and hardly any of them being positive?

Hardly anybody understands me. I feel like I belong no where. Just in my room, with my guitar. What medicine are you taking?
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i totally understand. i have like sooo many thoughts running through my head my thoughts keep on changing. its crazy. its so hard to be positive sometimes. im on lithium 900mg, zoloft 75mg, and geodon 80mg. what are you taking?
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hi.. im a twelve years old girl and i think i may be bipolar.. i have, like u said, severe mood swings; one second im laughing, the other i feel like not beeing alive.. i have to cry myself to sleep everynight bc im hardly ever tired. im not sure im bipolar though, because i dont have those severe '' manic moments? '' when u dont think clear at all.. well when im chocked or sad i turn out beeing pretty violent but i dont stay this way for a long time, only sometimes. sometimes its just like all crazy in my head, i think '' omg this is so sweet!! '' and in the same time i feel totally the opposite.. anyways, does anyone here thinks its the beginning of bipolar disease? im really worried bc not a lot of 12 yrs old girls are bipolar and all those thoughts drove me to cut myself for a while last month bc i feel like if nobody understands.. i dont wanna talk about this to my parents because they will just find me crazy and mental, and we dont have a psychologue at school.. so what can i do? please help..
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But you need to talk to someone especially if you are cutting. If you were my daughter I would be crushed that you wouldnt come tome so I could get you and evaluation to get the help you need. ddo you at least have a counselor at school you can talk to and then talk with your parents as well so they can see youa re sereious? and if they do find you mental well you are  being mental and you need to get an adults help.
Love Venora
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HI.  You need to find somebody to help.  Are you sure your parents wouldn't listen to you?  I'm a mom, too, and I would do everything in my power to help my child.  Nothing is too much to do for your children.

If not them do you have an aunt, uncle, or grandparent that you're really close to and could talk to maybe?  Maybe some one like that could help you and be willing to go talk to your parents with you.

I was a 12yo girl with bipolar, so I know how hard it is.  I'm not saying for sure that you are, but that it is a possibility.  Please talk to someone.  If you want to talk to Venora or I just message us or post on the board again.  We'd both be more than willing to help you any way we can.

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Im so glad you found this website! That means you are looking for help, that means you are looking for answers, that means you want to live, you have hope, that's AWESOME!
I wish being your age was all fun and games, easy, I really do. My daughter, Chelsea, is only a little older than you. She was cutting herself for about a year and I didnt even know it. If I had known, I could have started getting her help a whole year sooner. She always wore the hoodies with the sleeves down, so I didnt see her arms. She is very good at hiding things, she says she doesnt want to make me sad or mad. I would do ANYTHING for her. I think you need to give your parents the chance to be the kind of parents you need them to be, the kind you hope they might be. IF they arent, at least you tried, and dont give up. There are TONS of people out there that only want to believe that their kids are just acting like "Normal teens". Life is hard, and is bad at times, but feeling suicidal even for a little while doesnt really count as the Normal. That only means that you probably do need alittle help, for real. My daughter is trying to hold on, she wants to be happy, normal, learn to drive, have a life....It can be so hard. I had mental troubles when I was you girls age, and I actually still do. I can only try to make the right decisions and let people help when I need help. Dont quit looking for answers. You may have a chemical imbalance in your brain, billions of people do. You could need some medication, dont think its the end of the world if someone says "Your mental". Our brains are REALLY complicated, and they have SO MUCH WORK TO DO!!!! It isnt that unusual for a brain to need alittle help to get the job done. Every school has a counselor, and they have to know about these things or they dont get the job! Go talk to one! They dont bite:) Write again, and remember, one day at a time-it actually does work!
Bless your heart for writing.
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I am the mom of a 13 year old teen that we just got diagnosed with bipolar II. That is bipolar with a lot of the same behaviors and feelings you are expressing. I am so lucky he did talk to me. I saw depression in him 6 months before and we started dealing with it-- but it didnt get better. We had talked about cutting and he was so adament that he wouldnt do that-- I didnt check and he had started to for a brief time and like the above post-- the hoodies covered it. I thought the cat scratched him. anyway-- he was saying all the same things you are-- the moods the happy then not- very impulsive actions. I hate to think what could have  happened to him if we had not caught it. His actions and mood swings would have horrible for him to deal with being 8th grade. So honey- you gotta talk to your mom or dad or aunt or close teacher. Something. You are right- there is something going on and a doctor can figure it out and help you. keep coming back here if you dont get help. Teri
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My son will be 13 this weekend.  I've been struggling with his behaviors since he was 4. After the 'terrible twos', each year just got worse. Back when he was 6, I was told he was ADHD, ODD, & IED.  (I never believed the ADHD diagnosis)  Six years later, a psychologist siad that he was not ADHD nor ADD.  Now after going through puberty, my son's behaviors are getting worse.  He did cut his arm once (that I know of) about a month ago (he confided in my mother, but I'm not suppose to know).  We've been to several doctors & counselors.  He's good at manipulating & telling them what they want to hear (to make me sound like a crazy mom).  But he does lose his temper sometimes, and they see how he can be. He's on probation right now (18 mths), and has another year to go. He's in court ordered Anger Management, but it's not helping.  He's had 9 referrals at school since Sept 07, and only has one more chance. If he gets into trouble one more time, he will be expelled.  Just last week, we found out that he made a death threat on my brother-in-law's family.  He threatened to murder the whole family.  That upset everyone (but him), even the couselors.  I fear that his verbal aggression might become physical again (he was physical when he was 4-7 yrs old).  I also have a 3 yr old, and we fear for his safety.  

My son has major mood swings, cries for no reason sometimes, is always angry (around me), yells a lot, is very defiant, doesnt have many friends (most kids at school think he's weird or a freak), & his grades have dropped.  At times, he is hyper ... but it's the annoying giddy/silly way.  He got like that when he was suspended for 3 days, and I couldnt figure out why he was hyper instead of upset/sad (like most kids would be if they were suspended & grounded).  When he's like that, he talks a lot & fast (changing subjects quickly).  
He also has trouble falling asleep at night.  I make him go to bed at 9pm (on school nights), but he'll lay there until midnight or after before falling asleep sometimes.  
He also likes to dress in the Gothic style (we wont allow it to get real bad since I buy his clothes).  He has cut a thumb hole in all of his long sleeve shirts, to make it look similar to fingerless gloves.  He wears a lot of black & other darker colors to school, but will wear lighter things on the weekends at home.  He wants people to know he's a Christian too...so I've bought him cross necklaces & religious shirts.  But he questions the Bible (because 'man' wrote it).  He's very confused about religious things.  One night when he was really upset, he said that 'heaven isnt much better than hell'.  I think he's just scared to spend eternity anywhere.  

Does any of this sound familiar ??  I'm trying to find a doctor right now who'll tell me if he's bipolar or not (we think he is).  His current doctor is 'beating around the bush', and wants to try other meds (which arent working).  So, I'm trying to set an appt with another doctor (but they havent returned my call yet).  

Stressed out mom,
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