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Joining the group-no sleep

Hello Everyone.
   I just joined the group.  The computer suggested that I introduce myself. So I'm Penina. I have BP1 and severe sleep problems brought on by medicines.  Just wanted to say hello.
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Hi - I too have bi-polar with serious sleep problems...  I'm currently on Seroquel 200mg/day at night and that puts me to sleep.... I used to have to take OTC medications (quite a bit) or prescribed sleep aids like Ambien....  What medications are you currently taking?
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Hey, I'm right there with you. Even with sleeping pills I still have problems. I have been having this problem for quite a while. If I get quiet in the day, I'll fall asleep, though lay in the bed and I'm wide awake.
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you may want to try switching over to Seroquel.  It's the only drug i've ever taken without the need for an additional sleep aid... speak to your pdoc about it and let me know what happens... not being able to sleep is a really horrible thing....  i know all about it...
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