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Just diagnosed.

I'm seventeen and was just diagnosed with Bipolar I yesterday afternoon. I can already feel myself slipping into depression. The feelings of hopelessness, low motivation, and low self esteem have already begun to weigh on me to the point where I feel unable to do my homework, shower, or even live. I just got out of the mental hospital and fear that a relapse may come. Does anyone have any advice on building up motivation and beating down severe depression?
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Yes. 1.  Bipolar just explains a disorder. It doesn't define You.
   2. Every minute of every day is an opportunity.  To feel alive. To have energy. To love.  3. Motivation happens when you let life excite you.
  School. Look at your goals. What do you want for your future?
  Can you accept that there is nothing is wrong with you?    Your essence. Your beauty. Your power.    You are here to give & receive love.
     Ways to find your inner strength.  Help others. Help animals. Think about how you can make a difference.  
   Let me give you an example. It was Christmas Eve. I was alone. I had a choice. I could let my imagination run & run. Causing the big Boo-hoos.
   I decided to show gratitude. There is a Veterans Hospital near by. I went to a store and bought a bag of stuffed animals. Then I went to the hospital, and asked to see patients whom had no visitors. I set a time of 15 min each person.  These people were not only alone on Christmas as I was, they were also very sick.  
    The people I visited couldn't believe I was there. They were energized. The idea I was there & had brought them a soft gift and that they weren't alone was magical.   There is no room for depression, when that much gratitude is present.      Please be thankful. Pamela
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I remember the first time I was told I had been diagnosed with Bipolar but it was much later in my life. I was 30 and started going in and out of the hospital. I realized that I absolutely hated being what I thought and still think as being "labeled" as bipolar. I decided to stick that label on an empty coffee can and write down on small pieces of paper everything, anything, or everyone that had ever made me feel like I was nothing and had no worth. Then after that I burned all of it and felt a lot better so that I would quit sweeping the older BS under the rug like I had been doing for so long in previous years. It actually helped out a lot. I'm now 42 and still experience depression, anxiety attacks and panic attacks. After all of the medication changes I'm finally on the right ones. Sometimes I just get a lot of extra personal things going on I just go through my low points. You don't have to tell anyone that you have Bipolar that's for you only because from experience people make judgements about something they know nothing about what you are going through. Sometimes you just have to tell a trusted individual," I told you so, or I understand because they don't" Instead just say " I just NEED you to listen and not offer your opinion or advice" I really hope this helps.  
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Sorry didn't write last sentence right. When you talk to that individual or anyone just tell them you DONT want to hear any of the "the I told you so, etc...
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don't worry and don't imagine bipolar as a big one. there r good medicines that help u to recover soon. consult a good psychiatrist.
life should move on. nothing is permenent. have belief with god. he wont leave u. life is a lesson, all our problems r chapters. learn it. experience it.
Mould urself. read good books! improve ur self esteem and confidence. everything is possible!!!
u have infinite powers to create ur own world!!!!!!
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Thank you all so much. Although I'm glad to know why all of this has been happening, the diagnosis has been making me feel labeled. This is not nearly as bad as being a "10-13" for a week, but it still hurts. I took your advice and have started helping my mom with chores and my sister with her homework. It really is starting to help.
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