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Ketamin NMDA Antagonist

Hi everyone,

Recently my psychiatrist has suggested me considering an experimental drug called Ketamine NMDA antagonist. this is used for treatment resistive major depressive disorder (MDD). He did say that side effects include confusion and that he's only used it for 5 years but is the only doctor who can administer orally and nasally besides intravenously. He gave me an article to read about the research done on the drug but the sample size seemed to be small, although it did say that unlike most other mood stabilizers out there, it's most effective in immediately altering mood in suicidal patients.

also, he thinks something like Diaelectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) won't work for me knowing my personality although my psychologist is a big advocate of this. anyway, my last appt with the psychiatrist was last Tuesday and he gave me a week to make a quick decision so can give me the experimental drug. if anyone has heart of someone using this or used this themselves, I'll appreciate a quick response.

Thank you
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Yes ketamine is experimental and it does have a fair amount of side effects but in clinical trials it appears to be helpful for depression. There is a fair amount of information about it online but I don't think we can print links to clinical trials here but there is some information on why they believe it works and how if you do a google search for it. Best to read up on it and inform yourself and speak to your psychiatrist about the potential of side effects versus beneficial effects and whether its worth it. A medication in clinical trial may be effective but of course its not FDA approved yet. Ask them why they decided on it and what help they have seen in other people who they prescribed it for. DBT therapy is common and often used for BPD and other psychiatric disabilities as well and that I am sure other people here have found to be of help and could explain about it further.
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If it were me, I think I would try the DBT therapy first, just my opinion.  Good luck what ver you decide and if you go with the experimental drug, please keep us up to date on your progress.  Thanks.
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for now i've decided to stick with my cocktail of meds and psychotherapy, we'll see wherethat goes, the mixed state is back and who knows, maybe one of my doctors will force me on this experimental drug or DBT based on severity of my condition. all i know is currently i'm experiencing really bad side effects of taking depakote with lamictal and any drugs are ineffective. my mind is always racing and constantly thinking of different convincing suicidal ways.
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