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Klonopin withdrawal -Manic episode possible?

I have BPI and was being treated by a GP (rural area/no insurance).  In November he prescribed Klonopin to help relieve horrible anxiety attacks I was experiencing daily related to work and my appearance.  (I do see a therapist, btw).

My reaction to the med has been Terrible due to confusion, speech problems, and falling. I wound up in the hospital for two days suspected of having a stroke.  Then I was put on medical leave by my employer after an unsuccessful return in Jan. It's a big mess, financially and emotionally.  My question is: has anyone suffered a manic episode while withdrawing from Klonopin or other benzoes?  I've seen a shrink once and am tapering down.  The past two nights were at a new lower dose and I could not sleep well.  Did leave a msg for the doc, but it would be reassuring to hear from other BPs.  Any tips, as well.  Thanks
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I may not be able to help much but I have a friend that is having severe symptoms from the Klonopin and now from tapering off of it.  There is a web site called The Road Back that I used to taper off along with fish oil and other supplements that they recommended to taper slowly off.  It is not fast just 5% every two weeks.  It works though and your body slowly heals.  They have someone you can talk to and tell you how to do it.  I have done this and it worked great for me.  I did one medicine at a time and exactly how they said to do it.  I had to go to a compound pharmacist to have them help me.  I know how terrible anxiety is.  Also have you had your thyroid checked.  It can cause anxiety as it did in me.  A lot of mental problems can be cause by Thyroid issues.  Will be praying for you.
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I have went into a manic episode when coming off of any of my meds.  I can't say that I have ever been on Klonopin but I wanted to tell you what meds did it to me....
The worst and longest manic attack was coming off of pain meds.  The second was coming off of Seroquel.  When I came off of the pain meds i went manic for weeks and stayed in a mixed state for about a week.  Coming off of the Seroquel I went manic for a couple of days, mixed state followed for a couple of days, followed by two weeks of severe depression.  How did you cycle?  I am type 1 as well.  I am sure the panic attacks got worse but did you fall into a mixed state?  That is when I start having really bad panic attacks with the mixed state. Are you at least on some mood stabilizers.  Be very careful a you taper off and if it gets too bad have yourself checked in.  I usually have to.
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