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Lamictal and memory loss/confusion

Is this unusual? Has this happened to any one else? What do you think is happening? I started Lamictal very slowly, 25mg each week and I am now at 200mg. Last week the memory loss started. Yesterday confusion started along with memory loss. It's pretty bad. I'll tell or share something to diff family members and then they will tell me I already told them. I have no recollection. I can't seem to comprehend things. I will be told something and it just doesn't register, can't understand what they are saying, even after explaing it a few times. The confusion and memory loss is concerning me. I can only assume it's the Lamictal because this is the only new psyc drug. I take Lithium but have been on it for several yrs. If it's this bad at 200mg, I am afraid to go up higher. Thanks for your input.
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  Cogntive confusion and memory loss can occur with Lamictal especially in combination with lithiium when a person first starts it and improve over time. I know this happened with me and I was informed this. However it would be essential to discuss this with your psychiatrist so they could provide more specific information within their clinical discretion.
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Thanks for your help. I have an appt at the end of the month.
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In my experience with meds sometimes you get used to it and the side affects get better over time, but if it is really bad, go see your doctor and ask to try something else. I'm on lithium also and trileptol went really well with it.
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i could say it might be Blondeness Syndrome but i might get banned... of cos there's no such syndrome (it's B.S.) b/c i'm male and white-haired.  but yes i have same sides.  it was milder memory loss & loss of cognitive function (funkiness) starting on 200- 300mg lamictal alone. but now am on 500mg/day depakote + 300mg.  since dep can double effect of lam i have noticed an increase in mem and cog problems as you described by you.    for me it seems to be a lasting side effect for me at least while on these drugs... hopefully these functions will return to normal if/when i get off them per ILADVOCATE above.  i guess as long as you are aware of these SEs, it's better than if you're not!
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oops meant to say i'm on 500mg dep + 300mg lam / day. (proof of my SEs.)
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Thanks for everyone's replies. As my dosage increased I began to have even more side effects. I'm very sensitive to these drugs. I saw the dr today and she reduced my Lamictal from 175mg to 100mg. Taper will take 2 weeks time. We'll see how it goes. Thanks again, Crystal
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I forgot to mention I had gotten up to 200mg but had to cut 25mg out because it messed up my stomache so bad. As soon as I did that my stomach was back to normal. Hopefully going down to 100mg will make most of these side effects leave or lesson. I will wait and see. It would be nice to have my mental functioning back and to mentally feel better.

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I currently take 150mg 2 times a day and my memory is getting extremely bad and continues to worsen daily it seems. I have told my neurologist but she seems to not find it any big deal and isn't concerned with the lamictol wch is now concerning me more.
First let me welcome you to the forum.  I am Bubulous, the community leader of the bipolar forum.  I have a great deal of experience with Lamictal and have a working knowledge of memory so let me ask you which symptoms are bothering you.  Is it short term memory, long term memory, or not being able to recall from long term memory.  Anyway, what is troubling you about your memory.  You can tell as much or little as you want.
Oh, sorry Crystal I had a tough night when I wrote this and didn't realize who I was talking to.  Maybe it was the new format that through me off.  How are you doing today?
In a way I guess it ties into the original post because I am back on Lamictal again lol.... perhaps there is more to this than I though.
I’m not bipolar. I’m epileptic and I take 600mg. I feel like I’m going to be brain dead in a year.  I recently got written up at my job, which I love, for lack of performance. In a management position.  Im ridiculously forgetful and I cannot get or keep my thoughts strait. No longer am I the sharp, resourceful employee.  I think I zone out at times, and I can’t remember what I did or if I did something that day.  Personally memories with my family, my dad who recently passed, gone. Has anyone ever come back from this?
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