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Lamictal weight loss

I have recently started taking Lamictal for bipolar, 25mg the first week and am now at 50mg until I see my pdoc next month.  I have been having trouble eating since starting the lamictal.  I feel hungry but my stomach is doing some nauseous, crampy thing.  I have already lost a few pounds which I am thrilled about.  Has anyone else had this experience before?

Take care all!
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I did the same exact thing.  It last for about 3 weeks, and gets better as you stablize.  I was on the same starter pack and increased to 100mg.  Now he has increased me to 150mg to the eventual 200 mg.  

Trust me - I thought I was going to toss my cookies CONSTANTLY for those first 3-4 weeks.  It does get better.  I was so excited that I was going to lose a TON of weight,but after losing about 8 lbs during those weeks, I ate like a pig after I could actually eat.

What hurt me, too, was coming down from the Cymbalta - had bad withdrawals.  

What helped me was to keep some food in there - soup, oatmeal, crackers, toast, and stay hydrated.  Also, I didn't take the meds until night time and made sure I drank a glass of milk and ate SOMETHING with it.  

It's rough, but it gets better, I promise.  When you go back for your meds check, make sure you tell your pdoc - he has me splitting my 150 into 100 and 50 at 2 different times now to avoid some of it.  

Hang in there and let me know how it goes!

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I felt the same way while working myself up on the starter pack. The sight of food made me nauseous. I never actually threw up, but I always felt on the verge of vomiting. Luckily this ended by the time I reached the target dose. I have been on it for several years now and have no problems. Good luck!
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What is the major difference in the way you feel now after several years - vs - before?  I guess what I am asking is - is it a long term stablization?  I feel so much better - I am afraid it won't last.

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I had the same reaction to the Lamictal,  (as did my daughter). But, the nausea went away for both of us after the starter packs. We both are on Lamictal, (200 mg) once a day.
I take cymbalta also & it doesn't affect me, guess I am lucky! But as with ANY meds
use your P-docs advice!
Hope that helps...
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What is the major difference in the way you feel now - vs - before?  I guess what I am asking is - is it a long term stablization?  I feel so much better - I am afraid it won't last.

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I did the Lamictal pak the same way and now at 200. It has helped me a lot. I never got upset stomach or anything. I have one of those iron stomachs though that I hardly ever get to the point of throwing up. I have been on it for maybe close to a yr now and it is still doing it's job. I get the ups and downs still, but they don't have the intensity that I had before. I was really bad before. I so far have not had racing thoughts. It has done enough good for me that I am happy with it. RJ
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I do not want to discourage you, because everyone responds differently, but I was not able to stay stable on Lamictal alone for very long - less than 1 year. I was put on Seroquel after some awful episodes and that stabilized everything - I was on Seroquel for 2.5 years. This summer I decided that I could no longer handle the side effects from Seroquel and so I went off of it. I have been on Lamictal for over 3 years (alone for about 2 months now)  and things have been going pretty well. Lots of people do really well on Lamictal. Good luck!
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Not discouraged - I just want to be prepared.  I just realllly don't want another massive episode like the last year.  I have heard that most people are on Lamactical PLUS something - my pdoc keeps insisting that he thinks it is sufficient - and we will look at other options later.  My depression has been creeping lately, and it worries me some.

I feel pretty good now - I just don't know how long it will last.

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I did the lamictal/cymbalta dance for about 2 years with great sucess.  I've been a naughty girl and went off my meds a few months ago, but I think that I must be in a remission type phase, 'cause I am doing great.  I had some stomach issues toward the end, and my pdoc gave me a prescription for prevacid which really helped.  He told me some times the lamictal can kick up the production of stomach acid and that gives you the upset stomach. You could maybe ask your pdoc about that, or try some OTC acid reducers if you can afford them.  The store brand ones work as well as the name brand and are cheaper.  Also, be sure to let your pdoc know about the depression creeping up. (With mine a phone call is usually sufficient.)  You may need to add a mild AD to your "cocktail."  Good luck, and hang in there.  I went through the "how long will this med last" game for quite a few years....eventually the right combo for you will be found.  HUGZ
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Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! The long-term
effect for me was stabilization after I reached the full dose.
They did re-up the amount for a couple months though, when
I was having issues. Thought I just remembered though, was
one month when I was 'bad' & messed up my meds you have
to go back to starting point, if you mess up like I did. That
was NOT fun, so I would not do that! Give yourself a hug!
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I was really physically ill getting off Cymbalta, it was pure hell. The Lamactil worsed my reflux for a bit, and I was green around the gills for the first 2 weeks, I'm at 100mgs now, and my appetite goes up and down quite a bit. I'm on Lithium as well, and that's caused me reflux to go up, but now I take with food and it seems to be fine now. I'm either really hungry or really disinterested in eating. Hmm.
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i take  lamital to still on the starter pack  did any body get confused and clumsy and have blured vision
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I was already confused and clumsy so I wouldn't know if it does. It didn't make me walk any better that's for sure. I have a gel cast now and only God knows what else I hurt from that fall. It hasn't helped my confusion either. I don't know if it is age or just me. I do know my balance is off because of discs injured. My vision is not good either but I have had blurred vision. More like if you get mucus and rub it and finally get it out. RJ
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I have noticed that, too.  I have always been someone who can spell ANYTHING - and I catch myself not being able to spell simple things that I know I should be able to spell!  Also, I have noticed that my short term memory isn't the best in the world.

Like LeftCoastChick - I had the pukes for awhile coming down from the Cymbalta and getting ramped up on the Lamactil.  

Of course, I am big dork anyway.!
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I've been on Lamictal for three years and I'm doing well.  I'm up to the max recommended dose of 400mg/day.  But I take it with Li and Seroquel and Prozac.  The only side effect I'm still having is hair loss.  It's not dramatic but it's noticeable to me.  Mostly lose a lot on my brush and in the shower.  

It's a little thin in the back, but I don't know if that's really something other people notice.  My hair is thick and curly so I don't think I'm noticing thinning if it's happened all over.

And like you, cowgirlnerd, I've lost my spelling!!  I don't know what to blame, but maybe it is the meds.  My long-term mem is also sometimes weak.  Like, I can't remember lines from movies or song lyrics like I used to. And other stuff like that. I felt very stupid earlier this year, but then I realized that I'm still smart, it's just my memory.

Anyone out there, be careful with Lamictal - the withdrawl is terrible and happens very quickly.  I ran out during an ice storm and missed 2 1/2 days and got awfully irritable and very sick like a bad flu.  My nurse told me this was common.
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I thought I'd mention that my Sister-in-law is a professional
hairdresser & she strongly tells people that taking the vitamin
BIOTIN, or Bitotin is an excellent hair strength vitamin..
It is also the one they tell you to take if you have had anything
done to your hair.
Or the creme rinse Potassium (Ieave it on atleast 30 minutes)
for use on your hair to build it's strength...
A hairstylist friend recommended Biotin to me too. It took care of the bald patches. I took it for three weeks straight before I saw any results. I continue to take it since it can't prevent the hair falling out. I'll have to try that creme rinse.
Thanks for sharing Nora18  Come back and let us know if it works for you!
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Thanks for all the replies.  They were very helpful.  The nausea is starting to go away now.  I also take wellbutrin sr with it.  I am starting to feel more stable now.  Not about to go off to crazyland.  
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HAIR LOSS!  That makes me feel better!  I was losing chunks in the shower - I didn't know what was going on with that!  I would rather be bald though to feel like I did before Lamacital!  

KGILL78- after the naseau goes away - you will be ok.  It took me a couple weeks and it got better - each time I raise my dosage, it comes back, but not like it did at first.

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Hi. Was reading your comments regarding Lamictal. About a year ago I started Lamictal and was also on seroquel. I started out on Lamictal 50, then 100, then 150, then 200. The seroquel was at 200. I totally flipped my lid and after 23 years out of a hospital ended up in one. Got out on this still. Was at originally 200 Lamictal and 50 Seroquel doing great then this incident.

The doctor in there had stopped 5 other psych meds previous which I am grateful for. But home half a day thrown back in. Same doctor who had been begging me to go even higher on seroquel. Wanted me on 300 previous week. I had refused but when ended up there again. I figured I had better take it this time. By then on 450 Lamictal and now 300 Seroquel added. Within a few months ended right back in the hospital. I told him they were both too high and the Seroquel increased had made this situation worse. But what do I know. Left the third hospitalization  on Lamictal 450, Seroquel 300, and Abilify 100. Sick as a dog!

New psychiatrist finally listened to me. Cut down to Lamictal 200 only. Issue could no sleep. So back on seroquel 50. Still no sleep so 100. Doing really well now.

I hate it when doctors do not listen because two hospitalizations could have been avoided. My post-traumatic is way off.

In regards to the weight loss. When started Lamictal had trouble eating as well. Dropped some weight. Now 1 year later and 94 pounds lighter I feel great! Still losing too. I started at 296 pounds now 202. I have never been able to lose weight. Now able to walk great distances and attend gym.

No one would listen to me.
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I had the same problem for the first couple of weeks. As people said though it does stabilize. I have been on Lamictol (in combination with prozac) for a little over three years now. I am on 300 mg but it took a while to get up to that point. I have virtually no side effects and haven't for a long time. I hope this eases your worry a bit. Good luck to you!
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I take 150 mg of Lamictal as well as Buspar and Zoloft.  I have had stomach problems since I started.  The first two-three months I would get sick multiple times a week.  Puking and diahreea were terrible.  6 months later I get nauseated every day but sick a lot less.  I take my meds in the morning and feel nauseated throughout the day.  I cannot allow myself to get too hungry or I will start throwing up stomach acid.  I can feel it coming and a couple crackers will keep the vomiting away.  I have lost about 20 pounds since started (at 110 now) but I feel so much better mentally than I did before that I have put up with being sick.
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I know this is a really old post but thought I would add in a little.. just in case someone found this like I did.
Im on 50mg lamogine at this point in time heading to 200mg as a standard before being assessed again.  I take this in conjunction with prozac.  I began this a week and a half ago.
Whilst others addressed the nausea which I dont really feel much of, I have lost 3kg in that time without trying.  Im surprised and very happy because it has been needed for a long time, all of a sudden im losing without trying.
Praying it stays this way :)
Did your weight loss continue?  I realize this is not a current post but I recently started  (8) months ago lamictal and Wellbutrin together and have been losing weight since then .. did your weight loss continue?
Hi :)
No it didn't continue at all.  It is a pretty dangerous drug to take and you must be consistent.
There is a a drug called Metformin for type 2 diabetes, but they also give it out for weight loss.
I guess because i am on a cocktail of meds now eg 14 per day, but 5 diff meds, that maybe the reason why i found the weight loss slow to nothing.
I have just been strict on food, and times of eating etc, and this has been very helpful eg no carbs really.
I wish that had continued though :)
Glad you are benefiting from it :)
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I also started lamatrogine 50mg 2x daily and yestday a week later went up to 100 twice a day. Shrinky wants me on 300 twice a day. So going up weekly. Not really that hungry. Forget to eat then half way through the day get hungry. Next dose hunger wears off. Weight down 1 kg in a week hope this continues.
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Just wondering how you are doing?. I am bipolar 2 and struggle with similar thints.
This is a really old post.  It is nice to see your concern but I wanted to let you know that you ay not get a response from the person you seek.
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