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Lamitical not working

I have been taking Lamitical for almost 2 years. 200 mg a day along with 300mg Well Butrin and 60mg Buspar. the Lamitical has been great! I was diagnosed with Bipolar depression when the dr prescribed the Lamitical. Recently the anger has returned, I don't want to get out of bed, no patience and random crying. I went on a drinking binge for almost 2 months. Not stupid drunk, just drinking every night a couple of drinks. I am not drinking now, still have the craving for it ( cravings had gone away when I started taking the Lamitical ). I know better than to drink when I am taking anti-depressants. Can you take more than 200mg for Bipolar? I thought that was the therapeutic dose for bipolar and anymore was a waste. I'm losing my mind again. I have 2 little kids and no DR right now. Still have refills on my meds. I feel so mad all the time. i feel horrible about my outburst.
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    Lamictal is often more effective on depression than mania although each person responds differently to each medication. Also for some people mood stabilizers can become less effective over time. As I remember from taking Lamictal the specific dosage range can go above that amount but you'd have to ask your psychiatrist about this. The drinking can undermine the efficacy of any psychiatric medication. If you aren't seeing a psychiatrist now
and have difficulty finding one it would be worthwhile to go to an outpatient walk in clinic where they could treat you right away.
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I was on 400 mg of Lamictal which is supposed to be the max dose.  DId the symptoms start before the drinking or vice versa?  Like ILADVOCATE said it would be good to get assessed  especially if you feel like you are going to lose it.
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