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Legal Bipolar matters at work

So, I went to Human Resource with my doctors note to move me to a quiet place to do my work and the lady was immediatly like we can't really help you with that...it's loud everywhere...I then brought up the other problem, a person who sits across from me who is very unethical and is loud rude and does things on purpose to try to get anyone to say anything to her, she is just daring us to say something. She proudly sits there and states she's a bully and that she can get away with whatever she wants ect...The HR rep made me tell her the persons name. It seemed that she didnt think she could be of help to me. Questions..if they don't move where I am sitting per the doctors request to move me, is that against the law? 2nd question, the social worker I was seeing didn't help me at all. Is there such a thing as talking to a psychiatrist over the phone instead of in person? I would feel much more comfortable that way...  
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Some pdoc talk over the phone. Here the psychiatric nurses talk to you over the phone and relay that information to the psychiatrist. I don't ever get to talk to the psychiatrist directly over the telephone.

Laws are different in different countries so this may not apply as I am in Canada and I think our laws are a bit tougher here. They have a duty to make reasonable accomodations. So moving you to a quieter place is a reasonable accomodation to most people. Even if that means just moving you to the corner of the room versus the center of the room. In a larger organisation reasonable may mean making wheelchair accessible washroom where in a small organisation that may be deemed as an unreasonable accomodation due to the finances of the business. There is a lot of grey matter.  

If you go to HR with a specific request such as "I would like to be moved here because it is quieter and per my doctors note that is a requirement" much more likely to get results than going in with a broad request. If you have disability insurance you may want to start looking into that if they can't make the accomodations you need. Don't wait until you are about to, or have gotten fired because of your MI. If you get put of probation that is the ideal time to start looking into disability coverage.

I am a bit jaded though as my second last employer was a real dud.
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   Yes I would agree with the other post but if you want more specific information on exactly what a reasonable accommodation is in pertaining to workplace law it would be worthwhile to go to the website ADA.gov. A reasonable accommodation cannot create an undue burden that is something would financially or otherwise impact on the workplace environment. However the accommodation you are asking for would generally be classified as a reasonable accommodation. I was granted that accommodation when I worked but I focused on why I needed it in regards to my disability and did not bring up other co workers. For other accommodations I needed I did have to bring a doctor's letter but the accommodations were always accepted. I know I worked in a workplace specifically for people with disabilities and other places are not as accommodating but its best to understand the specific protocol of how to address it and also exactly what a reasonable accommodation is under the ADA.
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Hello Snowbunni, I'm so sorry to hear you're still having problems at work! I hoped you would be sorted by now.. I can't understand that moving someone to a different location would be so difficult! Bullying should be taken seriously, I heard that employers were meant to be clamping down on it!

Hugs x
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