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Yeah public aid (this is my last year on it.) pulled my abilify. It made me feel so..amazing. So real. Whatever I suppose, got denied four times. I also found out in america you cannot get coverage with a pre-exsisting condition. Thats just great, im fearful im going to just end up homebound. Just a lonely possibly schizoaffective young woman, doing nothing with her life because she cant afford the only medication that allowed her to work. My title has nothing to do with my rant. I'm just coping with the bottle tonight. I cannot stand living this way. So..sensative to all sensation. My miracle drug got pulled from under me. Metal healthcare in this country is ******. Completely and absolutely.
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By the time you are off public assistance for your medical coverage the Obamacare requirement of covering pre-existing conditions should kick in - it happens in 2013 or 2014, can't remember which. As for Abilify, it is too bad that happened but maybe your pdoc can find a less costly replacement. I take Abilify and it cost about $650 a month. My insurance company would like me to try something else but since it is still in their formulary they have to cover it.
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What Anneinside said is true--the pre-existing conditions problem is going away with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  There are other medications in the same class as Abilify that may be less expensive (atypical antipsychotics like quetiapine, olanzapine, risperidone, etc.).  Have you tried any of those?  Lithium is also really cheap.  Have you tried it?  It does come with side effects, but it is the classic drug for bipolar I.  If other things don't work, you should check out these resources to help with the cost of Abilify: http://www.patientassistance.com/profile/bristolmyerssquibbcompany-90/ and http://www.patientassistance.com/D15-abilify-coupon.html.
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You can also try calling the the makers of Abilify. Many drug companies will help you if you call them. Also everyone's body reacts to drugs differently and I have tried many. I take Lithium and I don't have any side effects. Have been on it 4 yrs. I did have side effects at the beginning that took 2-3 weeks to go away but they did and it has been fine for me ever since. Try the websites above too. Also some Mental Health Clinics will dispense certain meds, they may have Abilify. Do you have a Mental Health Clinic in your area you could go to?
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