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Light boxes

Now that its summertime I feel great.....particualrly because I live in Texas
I know that getting an adiquate amount of sunlight really affects my moods drasticly.
I'm just curious do any of you use light boxes in the wintertime??
I hear through word of mouth that they work really well but have never used one myself.
could anyone that has used one personaly recomend a good brand??
(yes I know winter is a long way off)
But I'm still concerned about it and fell I should be prepared. I know that when I'm stable I have a great personality
I make friends and do well in school. But winters are just awful for me
last fall I thought I was stable because I was doing well but suddenly (without warning)
I slid into a mixed state I'm not sure what caused this, and this went on for sevral months before I got a grip on things.
It affected me in school and how I much attention I paid in class, my relationship with my professors also my grades suffered plus I failed a major test that
I need to pass before I get my certification. It changed the way I felt and related to others and because of this
my relationship with my mom suffred there was a big hendrence on our communication,...so did my relationship with my boyfriend
to the point where we (unfortunely)  broke up. I know stuff happens,.... but I still think I could find better ways of coping so that
hopefuly next winter will not be so bad......
If anyone knows anything about the whole lightbox thing
(Or anything else that has helped you through a dreary winter)
please post I certianly would appreciate your input
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I can totally relate to the effect of sunlight on my bipolar symptoms. I dread the winters as well. I almost think of it like SAD but with mood escalating to mania in the summer instead of just 'normal'.
Anyone else relate or have any further information?
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With me it seems to be the opposite. I love winter and get very depressed in summer. But Alex, it is strange how one's mood will affect interaction with others, daily routine, studies, level of caring, it's almost as if I become another person entirely.
(I have checked, it is not a multiple personality thing) My moods just seem to 'lead me.

Like when I was down a few weeks ago, I read all the posts and had some thoughts, but my contribution would have been a one liner, and nothing too positive either.

You know what I think will work Alex, is if you can move your study table to a window that lets light in, sit facing the window, or have the sun shine on your back?
And get some flowers on the table.

Hope you find the right solution
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I live in the great Northwest,where we don't get a lot of sunshine 8 months out of the year.  I bought a light box a couple years ago and it has worked wonders.  You can buy them on Amazon relatively cheap.  I would recommend it to anyone.
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I have trouble when spring time comes around. I get all manicky. It feels like a natural tug on all the neurotransmitters. I feel great with so much energy. I work myself into a frenzy then I start to sizzle. I become aggitated and then the depression kicks in. It's like clockwork. Every time we forward the clocks...it ruins my inner clock. I think they call it March Madness for BP.
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Thanks for the replies you guys.
I think I'm going to check amazon and talk to my doctor when I see her next.
She recomended full spectrum bulbs for my room....
which I think would help in addittion....
there are also gradual light boxes (I think if I remmebr hearing correctly)
Which would help me with gtting up in the morning (that can be quite a task for me)
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