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I have complex PTSD and Bipolar Disorder 1.  I was diagnosed in September 2013 during a manic attack and started medication regime:  Lithium (225+450) and 300mg Seroqual.  Now, 2 years + later, my Thyroid is under active due to Lithium and my Psychiatrist wants to change Lithium to something else.

My challenge:  I start a new job next week (after being unemployed for 7 months and really need this job!) and a few weeks ago I went low on my Lithium (skipped a few morning doses and ended up in mixed episodes and had a spider-related psychosis!)

I am really anxious about one day changing my Lithium.  I was wondering how long can I be on it before it will damage my kidneys like it is effecting my thyroid now?
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I couldn't tolerate lithium. One girl in my support group has bad hand tremors.
I took Lamictal for a while.
Now I'm on Ativan, Effexor and at night 100 mg Seraquel and Temazepam.
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