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Living with Family vs. Community Residence / Group Home

I'm currently entertaining the idea of living in a community residence / group home vs. living at home with my family.

Currently I live at home with my family.

What would be the pros and cons do you think of each living situation (family vs. CR)?

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   It would depend on what the situation is like with your family and whether you are seeking further independence or there are any specific concerns. Also it would depend on whether there is anything advantageous now that is you are located nearby to work, school, any treating physician's or psychiatrists or anything else. People do experience somewhat of a loss of independence in a community residence but that is not the only choice. There is also supported housing where a person lives independently (and may have room mates) and a social worker visits once a month and supportive housing which is further supervised in that a social worker visits daily. There are specific forms as regards eligibility for all three forms of housing and it would depend on how your psychiatrist completes it as to which you would be eligible for but it would be crucial to discuss all this with them.
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I lived in a youth community care house, I hated it! all of it!! I thought i was goner end up there for ever, until one day i went manic and moved out and have never been back :) It was a place for youth with what they call serious mental health issues but they treated us like animals, there was a lot of emotional abuse, and manipulation there by the staff and doctors, once i left and moved town i got my notes and they wrote the most horriblest things about me in the notes and they were all lies, well most of it.

I found i had NO privatey everyone else in the house new everything about everyone else because the staff would gossip, I was beaten up and everyone found out and i said i was going to lay a complaint then the staff member turned around and said who is going to believe you over me, then i went back to the girl who told me she knew and said that she would not agree to the complaint as she didn't want the staff to hate her, so i couldn't do anything, i was only 16/17 at the time. I was there against my will and i was there for 9 months. Pure hell.
I would get very depressed and they didn't medicate me, then i would get really manic and they would punish me, and i still didn't get medicated properly. I wish i had the power now to shut it down, but i don't i am only someone with bipolar a mental illness and too them that meant i didn't know anything and i had no power over the most simplest things, eg when i was to shower, or eat etc.

Sorry not trying to put you off as might be different where you live.
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