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Has anyone else taken thins? It is that test that is over 500 questions that was written in the 1930s, I think.

Well, I got my result of it last night. It was inconclusive because I'm weird. I am a social person but I am also very reclusive and shy. So, because of that it came out inconclusive. I answered all questions honestly. I think that's kind of silly, like it is trying to put everyone into perfect little boxes even though we are so different.. All it could tell me was that I deffinately have a mood disorder. My psychologist said dispite that she can tell I am bipolar and obviously I have more of the depression part than the mania part, so I guess they're sticking with me being bipolar 2. She also reminded me you only need one mania cycle in your lifetime to be bipolar (I know I have had more than that.)

I took another test, too, not sure what it was called. It was about 170 questions. This one came out with me having schizoid personality (not like schizophrenia, schizoid is isolationism,) anxiety disorder, boarderline personality disorder, dysthymia (consistant low laying depression,) and somatoform (my psychological problems are causing me physical problems.) She said it is not uncommon for people with bipolar to have boarderline personality disorder also if they were abused, neglected, or abandoned as a child. Well, I wasn't technically abandoned on purpose or anything, but my mom died and I was still a kid. A lot of issues come from that.

Anyway, has anyone else taken these tests? It was sort of interesting to learn what a mess I am. LOL.
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I don't know if that is the same questionaire I had to fill out to see that specific mood disorders specialist but I just wasn't willing to be honest. I'd rather discuss some of those extremely personal issues with the therapist in person but then again I am not sure if its the same form you are speaking about or he had altered it for his own specific purposes or needs.
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Well, I was doing some reading on it. I guess some people find the MMPI to be very accurate for them, and others do not. Some people say it is based on a few hundred white males from Minnessota in the 1930s or 40s, so they are comparing everyone to them.

Like I said, I can be very social but I also am very shy. For example, I don't have stage fight and I can get up and sing in front of an audiance of 100 people no problem, or even in a small room with 10-20 people. But I can't sing to just 1 or 2 people without feeling frozen. I like to talk to people and tell stories, but at the same time I dread meeting new people or talking on the phone. So the test couldn't read me because I am not "introverted" and I'm not "extroverted." >.> I'm both? So I guess the test is too black and white, if you see what I mean.

And I was 100% honest with the test, so it wasn't like I was trying to fool anyone.

The other test I thought was pretty good.  
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I have taken those kinds of tests and because i didnt tick the ''I go out and fcuk everything with a pulse'' and ''I dont go out on wild spending sprees'' i wasnt bipolar just ''depressed'' i hate it when they try and diagnose your whole existence on bloody tickboxes.
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Yeah. I don't tick those boxes, either. Luckily for me, my psychologist could already see through my behavior how I am. The previous time in her office she could barely get a word in and I'd start talking again.

When I told her I used to hear phones ringing (phones that are not there,) she said, "But that is a believable thing." And I said, right, except my dad was sleeping right next to the phone, so if it was ringing and ringing for 3 hours, don't you think he would have woke up? >.>

Recently I've also had some past memories of things from when I was a teen. Like, there was this building near my home that had no signs of what business was there (it was an office building.) And I was 100% convinced it was an evil building with evil people working there and they knew that I knew that they were evil and they were watching me and they were coming to get me. I have since moved away from "the building" as I always called it. I drove past it recently and it had a sign and it was just a normal building. I had completely forgotten about the whole thing. But 10 years ago, I would tell anyone who would listen about how the evil building people were plotting something against the neighborhood, and me. I mean, I was terrified.

She just sort of looked at me funny. So, I don't know, maybe I had some pretty sever issues. I no longer seem to have that right now. Not sure what happened.
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How did you get to do this kind of test and see a specialist? I am soon to see a psychiatrist but would be quite interested in getting a copy of this test to do...just because it is interesting and may or may not be helpful to me and my therapist as he cannot identify very easily what is wrong with me

Is there a link perhaps to get it done or some contact to use?.
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It depends if your British or American the tests are obviously different but we have the same kinds of equivilant. I personally had to wait about a year for mine but it was not anything to do with bipolar as such they ''thought'' i might have been bordering on psychosis which is why they gave me the test. However i never got any results from it at all even though it took 4 ''sessions'' to complete it.
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Here is what I know.

This test is administered by either a psychologist or a psychiatrist due to it needing to be interpreted. It is a copy righted test so it is not offered "for free" or anything online. My psychologist was trained to be a cognitive therapist along the lines of Freud, so that might have something to do with it. It seems to be a controversial test in areas because a-the age of it, b-it is easy to be made inconclusive (like my test) for multiple reasons. I guess there is also an MMPI-2, don't know much about it.

So, I guess it depends on you doctor what test you are given. My diagnosis was made off of another test that I don't know the name of but which also starts with an M and my behavior patterns.

My psychologist gave me both tests to take home. The shorter one took me about a half an hour. The MMPI took me about a week. It was very hard and confusing esepcialy since I have so many concentration problems.
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Thanks guys!!
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