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I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder 9 years ago an dhave been on fluoxetine for 9 years. Six weeks ago I came off it due to REM sleep disorder and suspected Parkinsons.  I'm really struggling to stay sane. I'm talking nonsense to myself, singing mad songs with no sane words, screaming, punching things and feeling like I'm really loosing it - and twenty minutes later can deal with fierce emotional challenges like sitting with a dying person or doing sophisticated technology related work or public speaking.
I know my brain is not so good anymore - I'm slower, less perceptive and clumsy.

However mainly I'm getting scared of myself as the alter ego is really getting out of hand and I'm afraid of either killing someone in a burst of stupid senseless anger or ..the better alternative..topping myself.  How do I tell my doctor this is so bad?
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Just tell your doc what you have told here. Telling is half the battle. The good thing is that you are aware of this. Let your doc know what is going on so you can be treated.
Keep coming here too. We understand like nobody else as  we have been where you are.
Love venora
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Robaa, I would be very greatfull if you could tell me of the outcome as I also want to know what causes "Gibberish Talk" and sudden urge to scream.  I don't think the screaming is due to the Fluoxetine as I had it as a kid and it waned after starting the fluox, but the Gibberish started after starting to take the fluox.

Also, I find it difficult to focus/concentrate on sophisticated technology related work.  As for public speaking...never did that well (introvert) and the clumsiness... I have always written off to bad proprioception due to the Marfan-Out of whack-limbs.

Admittadely, the Gibberish talk, I had never told my doc about as it seems almost "volentary" ... don't know about that...
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