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Managing the down side of Bipolar

Does anyone have any suggestions . . . I feel myself slipping into a depression (again), any ideas on how to keep from becoming so depressed. I am married and all three of my kids and my hubby have bipolar too. Every day is an unpredictable day. Sometimes it just feels like nobody understands me or my family. Or maybe we just bring people down. I usually try to go with the flow, but I keep getting that hopeless, doomsday feeing that usually comes before depression. Does anyone understand this?
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For me I call my doctor I do things that relax me dance exercise listen to music. If it gets worse please visit a doctor.
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I get the doomsday feeling a lot. For me, it's either a sign of depression or it happens when there are big changes in my life. I don't know how to prevent depression really. But what I do try to do is cling to happy for dear life. I do as many relaxing, enjoyable things as I can do. (for me, it's drink tea, paint my nails, cook my favorite meal) It doesn't necessarily prevent the depression, but it does tend to dampen it.
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Thanks, I will give these things a try. Tea is a calmer for me too :-)
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I force myself to Do something that requires no thought. I find searching for relief or trying to understand WHY, makes it worse. My family knows not to ask what's wrong more than once. If I don't have a specific answer, they know to leave me alone. Swimming helps me a lot, I think mindless physical exercise helps my brain chemistry mellow out, to at least tolerable.
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Thanks to all of you for the many good suggestions. I am still having trouble getting motivated. I am gonna try to go outside (with my tea and music) and do some gardening. Exercise will be good I think.
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Well, it just started to rain, a lot. Guess the gardening will have to wait.
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Here is where I posted the marathon of a comment. If it's lost, at least
it relieved some of the severe mania I had. It think the fast tapering I'm
doing is effecting the BP. Not sure. Maybe the painkillers were masking
it and I'm now more aware of its severity.
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