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Mania & Hyper Sex Drive

I know this is a classic sign of mania.
I never experience this while I was single.
I was raised very strict religious household.

But I know people who don't have bipolar were just overly sexed just from their homones.
They were in all kinds of relationships and having problems emotionally.

I had a lot of sexual hangups with the religious upbringing but I was never was promiscuous....maybe a good thing with all the STD's going around but I did get drunk a lot to curb those feelings. I drank in private. I made sure I did not get absolutely drunk in a social setting....just got drunk with many Bud's in my own bed.

When I was in my down slide mania I just got very paranoid and didn't trust anyone around me.

I did clean up my act and then I meet my husband.
Then I got medical care for my bipolar.
Smooth sailing since then...somewhat.

Sex is for marriage....coming up to our 25th wedding anniversary!
Always remember to have play dates with your significant other.
Have ongoing honeymoons.

So far...so good!

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Yes there have probably been a few threads on this issue. It doesn't have to do with hormones though. Hypersexuality can easily be part of mania. I'm in a long term relationship now but due to a variety of issues don't intend to get married. That's one sign of emergent mania for me and many other people. The difficulty is keeping a balance between the hypersexuality of mania and the dulling of the sex drive caused by some medications. The Clonidine for me has quite a numbing effect on my sex drive but the one you spoke about Topomax is not a major offender among the mood stabilizers and shouldn't cause much of a problem. Speak to your psychiatrist if you are concerned either way.
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