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     Hi I am a 24 year old female and I have had depression on and off since I was a child. I never got help for it until 2 years ago and I just now went back on medicine for it.. My father has Manic Depression/ Bipolar Disorder his first Manic episode that he went in the hospital for was at age 24. I know that I don't have extream case of Manic like my father does because I am aware of what I do. Unlike my father who is not aware and when he is Manic he thinks that it is normal behavior and after is Manic he does not remember.
    I have been depressed for 3 months straight now some days a better than others but I find myself depressed durning the day. Around 5pm it seems like I have energy and I get things done around the house. Sometimes I don't want to go to sleep I just want to stay up and clean. I will stay up some night even though I have to take my daughter to school in the am and I have to be up with my son. Sometimes I will only sleep for a few hours and be ok the next day. Then there are times when I will get up in the middle of the night and stay up to clean.  I also have been spending money that we don't have a lottery tickets I know that I should not be doing this but I do it anyways and I feel guilty after if I loss.  

I am scared that I am Manic/Bipolar and it will only get worse like it did for my dad. Or am I so depressed that depression is making me feel this way. I am so confused I don't know what I am feeling is real or is it just depression.
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i would definitely talk to a pdoc about it. there is a such thing as mixed episodes of mania and depression which may explain your alternating lethargy and energy. the spending is also a symptom, i'm sure you know that. it can't hurt to get checked, the earlier you begin treating it the better. good luck.
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Sounds like classic BP to me!!  I would go for an evaluation and tell them your symptoms!  You have a daughter to think of and need to be stable for yourself and your child.  Good luck!  
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I am 47 and just  started showing signs of BP.  I had a baby on my 40th bday (alone-hubby bailed) and ever since I have had major chronic fatigue and mild depression.  after trying anti-depressants i started going manic on them so the doc put me on lithium once a day.  that helps with not flying off the handle so much.  my mom is schizo, and my sister is BP but i never though i would get it.  i was always the responsible one.  now the doc wants me to take 125 mg of depakote to "calm me" but it makes me feel wired.  not the effect he was going for.  my little 7 year old son has adhd due to the abuse i received from dad while i was pregnant. amazing how stress manifests it's self in strange ways.
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