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Manic Poem

Changing Lanes

What’s this feeling inside of me
Coursing through my veins
Pointing out for me to see
My life is changing lanes

This has happened in the past
And yet my insight fails
Once again I’m going fast
I’m going off the rails

I cannot slow, I cannot stop
Buttons stuck on self destruct
Bodies tired and wants to drop
I’m well and truly ******.
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Wow you ladies are far more cool with it than people over here most of the poetry and lyrics i used to write and work on got slammed as ''emo ****'' or ''wrist slitting attention seeking bull'' LOL was irritating... i wonder does anyone else write poetry or lyrics when their manic or just feeling stable?
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I have to agree Leta.
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I must admit I tend to roll my eyes about a lot of BP poetry - it's so prevelant among us. This I feel is very well done and certainly makes so much sense to me. I so relate.
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