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Manic Trips to the Tattoo Parlor

For those of you out there with tattoos, how many have gotten inked (or even pierced, etc.) while hypo/manic? Do you regret it, or does it simply make you chuckle at your impulsivity?

I'm curious, because as I sit here trying not to itch my tattoo that is 3 treatments into being removed, I can't help but recall the weird circumstances in which I got it in the first place. At the time, it held such weighty and meaningful significance, but a week or two later, I couldn't even begin to describe that significance to anyone who asked, let alone myself. That information was made entirely inaccessible when I came back down to earth, and I was kind of left with a dumb little circle on my inner wrist that reminded me of one of those times when I was just being embarrassingly bizarre and unlike my usual self. I suppose it actually doesn't bother me that much aesthetically, but I just feel a bit vapid every time I have to stumble through a lame and made-up explanation for the tattoo. So, anyone here with similar stories of body modification?
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I am normally a conservative type of person, yet whilst hypomanic at the age of 28 I decided I needed a PIG tattoo, yes a PIG. It has since brought great laughter as no one has yet to understand why a PIG? I do not regret this as this is my shock party peice if I ever want anyone to believe im not as conservative as they think I am.
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I have 3 tatoos and 2 of them are my own design and small. 1 of them has great significance as it is the representation of my beliefs both spiritually and about myself although it is small and rather simple. The other one also has great meaning to me about life and love. My only regret for those two is that at the time I didn't think I would have kids and they are on my stomach area so they call all stretched by pregnancy, but not hideously so, so it isn't like a huge regret or one that bothers me.

The third one is rather large and on my upper arm. It is a fairy in a flower. I am a huge fan of fairies and love the tatoo but I did get it on a whim and possibly hypomanic. I got it to commemerate my learning all 108 moves of Tai Chi. (Strange, I know.) My only regret about that one is that I didn't go to my usual tattoo artist at that time (the guy that did the other 2.) I went to a different place and the artist messed up. And instead of having a pretty face my fairy has a zombie face.... >.> It bothers me. I want to get it fixed but I don't have the money to spend on that type of thing.
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I, being unmedicated and hypomanic then manic in my early 20's, thought it would be a great idea to get full sleaves and a full back piece on my body.  I can't say I completely regret it now although I do wear long sleaves a lot because complete strangers like to touch me.  I'm so greatful I had an amazing artist.  I don't think I would have done it if I were on medication though.  Not that extreme.  I would have probably just gotten a couple.  What can you do
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At the time I got mine, I didn't realize I was probably hypomanic.  Someone else said something about being conservative.  It was quite a shock to my wife when I got my nipples pierced.  It was another shock shen I got tattoos on my chest, stomach, back and a$$.  I don't regret it now, I like them, they're part of me and I plan (now I can plan, then it was ,"Hey I think I'll do this!  out of nowhere" ) on getting more someday.
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I laughed when I read this.

Yes, I've had my septum pierced and another place I won't mention when hypomanic. I've also pierced my ears (tops and lobes). Actually, I did all of the piercings myself. Beginning with safety pins through the ear at 15 years old. Brilliant idea, huh? I only wore the rings for a relatively short time (well, except the ear tops), but the septum hole hasn't closed, and that was 17 years ago. No lasting regrets.

I've also shaved my head, gotten a mohawk, and died my hair fluorescent colors when hypomanic. Again, this is so temporary, and no regrets.

My first foray into the world of tattoos was when 15, I talked my cousin into giving her a tatt with India ink and a sewing needle. Incidentally, she is also bipolar and interestingly our cycles often coincide with each others, so it really didn't require much talking into. It was a heart on her hand. She made so much noise I thought she'd wake gram up.

She has since gotten many tattoos over the years. We still reminisce about the "night of the heart". It strangely was a bonding experience between us. It's still there, but has faded significantly over time. I've half-jokingly told her that I would touch it up for her...free of charge.

My first tattoo was gotten when in Chicago and when in a baseline state and was planned. During my 20s (again in hypomania) there were many times I was itching (pun intended) to get tattoos. Luckily my friends were too square to encourage me, and since what I wanted was kind of ridiculous, I'm glad. I got another tattoo when hypomanic. No regrets with that one.

During my last mania I wanted some more (2 or 3) but the shop in LA wouldn't take credit, and that was all I was operating on at the time, so I went to a hoodoo root worker instead. Why, I don't know, because now I can't see any relation between the two. Back in Minneapolis I still wanted to get them before the new medication kicked in. Again, a friend told me to wait until I was balanced. But now I still want them, but I have a lot of expenses to pay off.
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This makes me wonder if I was hypo when I pierced my nose at 15 with a push pin (!) and then the top of my ear  (16?) with a pointy earring. I def. got my tattoos on a spur of the moment thing, good thing i like what they are. A butterfly and a tree frog...
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I was diagnosed Bi Polar when I was 19, I am now 28. And up until two years ago I had zero tatoos and had only had my ears and belly button pierced when i was 16 ( which oddly enough was my mothers idea-she is also bi polar).  Instead I was a cutter...then two years ago I got my first tattoo, it was a tribal star on my inside shoulder that me and my girlfriend picked out together, we both got one ( she has since passed away and I do not regret it). My second tattoo was on a whim while out of town, a large fairy on my neck with colored wings that thankfully being a girl i can cover with my hair when the occasion calls for it, but i do not regret that one either, the third time i got a tattoo was on my foot and i walked into the parlor told the artist i had no clue what i wanted but that i knew where i wanted it and that i needed to feel the pain or my life was going to get very ugly, we picked out the two lizards that looked they were fighting with each other and put it on the top of my foot...purple for me, and blue for her as we were toxic to each other but neither of us would just run away, this one I also do not regret cause of its signifigance. And so for my most recent tattoo I also got while manic and its the virgo symbol formed from two dragons that stretch form one shoulder to the other across my back...it has the green eyes or jealousy and the purple jem to re[resent me.  I am thankful for all of my tattos because they helped me in one way or another, also while manic i piercd my tongue 4 different times and also my nipple...those i did wind up taking out just because i felt like I had outgrown them, but my atoos...they are a part of who I am. I hope that helps
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Ha! I've got a story

I was only diagnosed Bipolar last year, the problem with that is looking back at your Bipolar life and seeing the things you have done from a different outlook.  For example one of the symptoms of being Bipolar is that you can sometimes make dumb decisions.

Well when I went through a bad period of depression in my early 20's I didn't go and see a psychologist about it.  When I finally came out of my depression and realised how close I came to doing something silly I decided to make sure I never did something that silly again.

So for the symbolic meaning of going through something terribly painful becoming a new man and to remind me that if I ever got depressed again to RUN not walk to seek help I pierced my penis.  Now EVERY time I go to the toilet I look down, laugh and remember why I did it and check myself to see if I am getting depressed and now manic as well.

It has saved me many a time, kinda wish I hadn't been so full on Rock n Roll sometimes.

Then again it is a lot of fun

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Since my last post on May 2 on this thread, I've gotten another tattoo, and for the past two months or so I've never been more stable.
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Good for you :0)
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It's amazing they can remove tatoos now. Maybe in the future they can develop inks that will disappear when subject to certain "laser beams"...good for those who don't like their tatoos and great for tatooers who want make room for more tatoos.
I feel being committed to the process of your tattoo is important.  I have got one and love  it very much. Being hypomanic just pushes me to get what was always in me so in essence, no regrets.
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I got a tattoo on my left calf when I was hypo manic. I'm getting it removed. It holds no signifigance to me anymore. This was after recently being diagnosed.
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