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Ok so I have been researching signs of mania.  How exactly do you know if mania is hitting?  How do you know when it is time to call the doctors.  I was so depressed before my diagnosis and have not truly known what my "normal" is EVER!  I have struggled with this illness for so very long - approximately 27 years.  Now three months after finally getting diagnosed I have been struggling with med management.  I am on 100 mg Lamictal and abilify.  since starting the abilify, I have been very exciteable.  I only sleep 4 to 6 hours a night for the last 2 weeks and that is only because my husband forces me to go to bed, I struggle to fall asleep for hours then finally crash and as soon as my eyes open while I roll over, I wake up.  I instantly have bursts of energy.  I cleaned my entire house and I talk super fast.  I can feel my blood rushing through my body and my heart racing.  I am suffering from slight tremors as well.  My family (husband and daughter who live with me) say I am hyper.  My mom whom I talk to daily says I am just finally happy.  My friends at work (one of which is bipolar and the other is an RN) told me I am manic and need to seek help.  I am unable to concentrate on any one thing for more than a few minutes.  I get sick when I eat and see sleep as a waste fo my time.  I have panic attacks just thinking about having to go to bed.  

Ok so now that I am writing all this, I think I may be manic.  What does everyone else think?  Am I just happy?  There are times when I can calm down during the day to concentrate, but not for too long.  I have learned to fake being ok for so long, I am unsure of my own feelings.  

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Your just happy.....not.  You are manic.  Most of us enjoy it while it lasts and feed it because it is great to be out of depression.  I can't tell you whether it is time to go to the hospital or not.  I am also not sure you would listen as one of the symptoms of mania is an inflated ego.  What to look out for is...

If you are at work and you are talking more then you are working or getting wrote up, that is a red flag.
If you start hallucinating that is a red flag.
If you make life altering decision at the drop of a hat that is a red flag
I have seen mania so many times that I know when to get help.  If you aren't ready to go to the hospital yet, enjoy your mania.  However if you lose control go to the hospital and have them adjust your medicine to better stabilize you.  Long time since I talked to you....
Good Luck my friend and watch out for the manic depression that will inevitably follow the mania.  I promise you will need to be admitted if you haven't by then.
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My greatest concern with mania is I know what is right around the corner which in the downslide...never knowing how low I will go and how long will it last. I rapid cycle and for me that is a blessing. I don't stay anywhere long. I have been blessed with a rather stable Bi-Polar life since 2010.. some tweeking here and there but no major depression. I have recently had a med change because I changed Dr.s... I was not happy about it at all and normally I would have rejected it but he came so highly recommended I agreed..... Oh My Gosh....Between me having a healthy almost sugar free diet, no coffee...herbal tea. No alcohol or drugs as I am a recovering addict. Regular exercise.. reasonable bedtime and some form of Spritual meditation.....I am at my best ever..... For me, it can not be just about the meds...for me it is a life change with the proper medication that brings balance into my life........Take care of you... Bi-polar doesn't have to be unmanagable all the time.
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I need to stay away from Caffeine - that is for sure.  I need it when I am depressed and crave it when I am manic.  I am trying to understand it all.  I slept the longest last night at 7 hours.  I have not done that in two weeks.  I think it is sheer exhaustion.  I am however truly enjoying this high.  I really like having the energy and the list of projects that I can accomplish.  After suffering from depression for over a year with no light in site, I am excited about how I feel.  I am very concerned about how low I will go.  What goes up must come down.

Thanks everyone for the support.  I have a psych appt this morning.  Let's hope this beautiful mind is not put to sleep!
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You may rapid cycle after a while.  I can't tell because all of us cycle differently.  The depression could and probably will be severe but you can make it through it.  Time slows down when you are depressed, well I don't have to tell you anything about depression.  If you haven't fell into manic depression in a while I will give you some tips that I have figured out.  The manic depression will pass.  Sometimes after you make that switch and the mania is gone it in itself can cause depression.
Improving your concentration is important as you start coming down.  I was put on b12 when I fell back into rapid cycling and it seemed to help.  Having a routine helps too.  Wake up and take a shower, then sit down and journal about the day before if you have time I don't know what shift you work.  Vent to somebody but give them time to talk as well.  Work on thought stopping.  If you are going through a mixed state it is harder to catch and challenge the negative thoughts.  Obviously you can tell you are depressed but the last mixed state I was in, about a moth ago I felt all these emotions at the same time:
Fear, anger, love, and insecurity.
That is what make the depression so complicated and it is overwhelming.  I rapid cycle, and I always have for the most part.  Anyway if you figure out other says to come out of the depression let me, well everybody know how long it lasted and how you came out of it.  Knowledge is power.  In my case The depression, at least the manic depression can last anywhere from 3 hours to a day or two.  Good luck and try to catch it as early as possible.

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Hiya. I have recently been diagnosed with mixed mood disporder so i know exactly how you feel. What you have described definitely sounds like mania and its hard because you never know when its about to start its just this overwhelming burst of excitement and energy and u cant control it at the time!!
I would definitely see a psychiatrist as doctors just done understand when u try and explain whats been happening they just say 'everyone gets highs and lows its normal' but this is not normal!!! After one session with a psychiatrist i had a diagnosis, lots of treatment options to choose from, if i have any question i just call him and he always takes my call and i started the right meds straight away.

Keep us updated i hope everything works out its a tough this to be going through.
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So the Psych said I was manic and needed to get it under control.  She increased my abilify and gave me sleeping pills.  I did my first increase last night and since it takes a while to feel the effects, nothing has changed.  However the sleeping pills did help but now I feel drugged in the morning.  I hate that.  

So I can tell that I have moved into a mixed episode.  I am no longer euphoric, starting to feel agitated with my energy boosts.  The anger portion of coming down from mania is what worries me.  I also fear the depression.  I will be sure to let you all know how and when I get out of it once it starts.  Until then, I am enjoying the energy I still have.

Oh!  B12 - wonder pill.  I love it all the time.  It definetly works if you remember to take it!
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