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Marijuana & Manic Depression

I have been smoking weed, even with my Manic Depression, and Its not affecting me any differently than it has when I was smoking Quarter (.25 of an Ounce) Before I was diagnosed, should I stop or May I Continue...?
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Sometimes a person with bipolar may not be aware of how things are affecting them as regards of any drug use, lack of self awareness can be part of bipolar. It can easily worsen it and also make it harder to respond to medication so it would be best to stop.
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I concur with ILADVOCATE.
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also it really does make it worse once the effects where off. it can send u spinning out of control. Try to go two days without it and I bet u feel horrible. Do some research as to what they have found out about younger people who use and the effects. people think its the safest drug but they are learning it may play a role in developing are bipolar and schizophrenia as can other drugs like meth cocaine and a few others . hope u feel better soon and your in my thoughts always. God bless u :) Im always here 4 u
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This is an interesting question. I personally do not smoke anything, but with the growing debate centered around medical marijuana and its uses, I'm curious about this as depression and anxiety are sometimes cited as conditions it can help. I googled "marijuana and bipolar disorder", and I got quite a few interesting hits. It seems that while there are very few studies currently being conducted specifically on the effects of the drug on individuals with bipolar disorder, there are at least a few anecdotal reports. These reports seem to be split between those who think it shows potential for treating mania and depression either as a mood stabilizer alone or as an adjunct therapy, and there are those who believe that it will aggravate/ bring out symptoms in susceptible individuals.

However, a much more studied and substantiated claim is that for some people, marijuana increases the risk for developing psychosis. Have you experienced psychosis when manic/depressed/mixed? This is one area that I would be a little concerned about, since your mind is already in a place where it can come closer to psychotic experiences than many others who are using. From what I've read, the possible link between marijuana use and the development of bipolar disorder in the first place is being examined. So, this might just be something to keep in mind and look into.

I personally know people who have used to deal with everyday stresses, much like a person may settle in for the night with a glass of wine. I also know people who use constantly throughout the day just to get by. However, none of these people have a mood disorder (though arguably the latter might have a possible addiction at least) as far as I know.

It's your call in the end, of course. Just make sure that you keep an eye on how it affects your mood before, during, and after, and weigh the benefits against the risks. I would consider asking your doctor if you feel comfortable, or at least doing some more research into it, especially for drug interactions if you're put on medication (unless you're already on it).

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Hi Boo!

I'm also BP.

I would advise against it. It's important to be in touch with yourself, and to STAY in touch.
Or TRY to stay in touch and get to know the different 'mood personalities'.
- Under normal circumstances.

If weed is in the way - then you have to learn to recognise and discern between the behavious (good and bad) when on weed and when 'sober'.

Same with alcohol - I only realised I had a big problem when I stopped self-medicating.
'Drugs' make us do things - we think we are in control, but we really aren't.

You will learn alot more about yourself if it is just you.

Keep well
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It's a learning and hard battle when it comes down to it because I feel very calm consdering I have Severe Anxiety which is usually what throws me into an episode. I want to say my environment is key to how the THC effects me. I seem very comedic and thoughtful with friends, but alone I think deeply about things and open myself up. I'll continue to pray for an answer for myself personally. You guys are a huge help to my decisions. Thanks
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What really works for me and gets me feeling 'normal' is exercise.
It's boring if I don't take my music with me, so I go out armed with my MP3 Player and my favourite uplifting music.
While exercising, I can only think about breathing, pace/rhythm, the music. The actual act.
So this really helps me Zone out in a good place.
Not to mention all the other great benefits.
And the feeling afterward, keeps me going for about 2 days and if I
don't exercise I get grumpy again.
Good luck.
And remember to be your best friend, and to love yourself no matter how 'imperfect' you may think you are.
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Can you be certain that what you are smoking is JUST pot? So much of it is mixed with high (no pun intended) potency stuff these days. If it messes with the minds of the average Joe, you can just imagine what happening in our brains! I know it can take the edge off and provide some giggles but I have also experienced first hand, extreme depressive episodes and manic behaviour... I cringe just thinking about it. Come to think of it, I feel ashamed. I would never have been in "that" situation if I wasn't high. "That" was 5 years ago. I choose not to smoke pot at all anymore — too much drama, too many mood swings. Without a doubt, marijuana makes my BPII symptoms much worse!

Also, I lived in Amsterdam for 4 years and to this day I wonder if my 'recreational' drug use contributed to me having BP.
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Many people comment negatively about using herbs for medicinal purposes, because they aren't regulated or standardized, this is particularly true of illicit herbs.

I'd like to see advances in research regarding herbs, but I doubt this will ever happen because big phama (and the politicians they buy) has nothing to gain and a lot to loose by such a course.

I've also seen marijuana's prescription (medically in California where it's quality is pretty much assured to be unadulterated) abused. I doubt that there are enough people in the city limits of Los Angeles that medically need it so as to support some 1000 dispensaries. Besides being a probable medicine for some disorders, it is still a recreational drug.

Anyway, it's your choice to continue or not, but I'd suggest divulging this to a close friend who would be willing to provide you with a reality check should they think you need it. You should also be willing to accept that reality check.
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