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Medication problems!

Hi all. :)
I was taking Abilify 10mg for about a year but can't keep it up due to it being around $700/month. (I have no insurance! I've tried the savings cards, etc but they don't bring it down enough) worked like a CHARM, loved it but now I'm currently raking Risperidone 1mg, started it Sunday, and don't feel a difference yet like I used too with my Abilify. I'm superrr tired on the Risperidone. Any ways to cope with the absolutely terrible mood swings I'm having waiting for this stuff to kick in? Its getting unbearable! Helppp.
Thank you!
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It could take a week or two to start working although it might not ever work for you like Abilify did.  Sorry to hear you had to stop a drug that worked for you due to the cost of it.
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