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Eight years ago I was hospitalized.  I believe it was due to exhaustion.  The hospital diagnosed me with bi polar disorder.  Last year I had another incident ( of depression) which lasted about 7 months and then relapsed again.
I am presently suffering from anxiety and my meds include Ativan1mg, LuvoxCE150,celexa 30mg.,and seroquel 200mg at night and 50 mg during the day.
Does this appear to be the right mix of medications?  Is there something better for anxiety?
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I have am bipolar also,
I have been on many prescription medications and find they are only temporary, and only lead to more prescription meds.
I think depression is a sign saying we need to change something in our life, for me it was my health, so I take tons of different vitamins for mood stabilization and depression, and a long hard workout for sleep(and they work).

Good luck
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Seroquel is an antipsychotic used as a mood stabilizer. Two of the other medications are anti-depressents. There are many mood stabilizers that treat both episodes of mania as well as depression. This is a full list:
I do know that for me as well as others Lamictal (which is a full mood stabilizer) having a strong anti-depressent effect was quite helpful. As well Ativan is a short acting anti-anxiety medication and I found Klonopin to be of more help as it has a longer half life (time it remains in the blood stream). However each person responds differently to each medication but it would be worthwhile to speak to your psychiatrist about available options.
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As many people would state, the right mix for you depends on your biology and is by an individual case by case basis.
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