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Medicine Overdose?

I am on 1200mg of Lithium, 20mg of Lexapro,20mg of Abilify,30mg of Buspar,1000mg of Depakote and 200mg of Trazodone a day. I am soooooooo unbelievably lethargic and I have no energy or desire for anything.Not to mention my neck/shoulders are so stiff and painful accompanied by a headache. This is the most medication I have ever been on in the 17 years of diagnosis of BP with psychotic episodes and Major Clinical Depression. I feel like Im overdosed .There has to be better drugs at half the dose to be effective but my Dr says Im on the best for my diagnosis. I have a  2 year old and can hardly function to keep up with him.
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see another doctor!
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Umm if your doctor was a good doctor he should let you try other options if you can't handle the side effects from your medicine and feel that way.
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Do you get all of your prescriptions at the same pharmacy? If so, the pharmacist would usually let you know if two pills don't react together, but call them just in case, or call if you get prescriptions at different pharmacies. Also if you are having symptoms that are causing problems do call the pharmacist and ask what the serious side effects are on your medicine. Any time you are having trouble with your medicine you should ask a doctor or pharmacist and if your doctor isn't asnwering you as you think, then the pharmacist is a good place to try.
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