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Meds are not working!!!!

these meds i am taking is not working, i knew they wasnt going too. some members on here was saying it was because of the alcohol. which i knew was the case (but i am not drinking anymore) anyway has anyone been feeling strange after they took there medication. it put me in a relax mood so much i cant move. i have missed school and work because i have been able to get out of bed, i would be asleep for 12 hours. and also have any of you experience nightmares that you cant awaken from. i been keeping a diary to show my social worker what i had written down. and i been going back into the past which is making my migraines even more intense. which is starting to set off my mood swings. i can can feel the MANIA rising. should i stopped the meds until i see the doc? my appt with him is in 4 weeks. and then again depression is already there because i am not able to do what i need to do.  

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You should never stop a med without your drs permission. Can you call him and see if you can get a sooner appt. I understand that you do not feel that they aren't working, however if you stop them completely your mania may get worse.

I do want to congratulate you for not smoking. I will be honest with you. I use to work in a bar and sometimes after work, I would sit down with one to the other girls that worked there and would get a nice buzz before I went home. I would tell my therapist and OMG he would become very upset with me. He was concerned about me drinking on my meds. I stopped about two years ago. I do occasionally have a glass wine with some 7up in it but not very often. So please stay off the drinking.

Good Luck and let me know how it goes when you talk with the the dr.

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Ya know for some of us meds just don't work all that well. But first what meds are you on? and how long have you been taking them? It might be a matter of getting the right "cocktail" so to speak. But even with working meds we will still have our episodes, they will just be less frequent and less severe. It's therapy that really does the best for everyone of us, meds are seconday, at least this is the concensus from the American Psychiatric Assoc. and remeber these are the ones the write the scrips, and are wined and dined by the pharm co. It is a combo of both, but if they had to pick just one-psychotherapy is the one they pick.

Also never be afraid to insist that your dr tell you exactly what he/she is giving you, how it works and why, what the side effects are and if there are physical withdrawals from the med if stopped with out tapering.

I hope with all my heart that you do finally get the best and right treatment you need and deserve, but remember knowlege is power, so get online and really start checking out some information both about manic depression as well as the meds.

You will make it, it just takes time and unfortunately a whole lotta work. Keep us posted as to how you are doing and keep on keepin on..OK??!!
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